6 Ways to Look Stylish as a Plus-Size Woman

If you are struggling with how to dress chic and classy as a plus-size body, then you are here at the right place. Clothes and silhouettes are for all kinds of bodies, and countless clothing …


If you are struggling with how to dress chic and classy as a plus-size body, then you are here at the right place. Clothes and silhouettes are for all kinds of bodies, and countless clothing options will really work well for you.

Without further ado, let us jump straight into the list of six ways to look classy, chic, and stylish as a plus-sized woman.

Wear a Wide Belt

Irrespective of your body shape, it can be an hour-glass shape or an emerald shape, and it also doesn’t matter what your body type is, if you wear a wide belt in the center, especially a dark one that is also thick, it gives the illusion of a perfect waist. This is so because the belt cinches in that area and gives you that naturally thinner waist look.

You can wear a wide belt with dresses, high-waist skirts, or some cute button-up top. What the belt does is that it really draws your eyes in and gives the illusion of a small waist, making you instantly appear classy, chic, and stylish.

Invest in Some Good Undergarments

You can find amazing, supportive, and stylish lingerie, even if you are plus-sized. If you have a date night, opt for a sexy panty, or, if you are rocking a tee, you can opt for a seamless, invisible bra to wear underneath. Many women are comfortable wearing SPANX undergarments, but irrespective of your brand, make sure it is supportive and sturdy. You can also use super form-fitting compression garments – they might shrink you into two dress sizes.

Avoid Flimsy Fabrics

The core pieces of clothing, especially in the center, like your camisole, jeans, and pants, should have a strong structure. This is mainly so because when curvy queens wear things made of thin or flimsy fabric, it shows/ highlights certain parts of your body that you probably don’t want to show.

For instance, flimsy trousers might show the cellulite of your thigh area that you might not want to show. Cellulite is not a bad thing – it is very common, but it is something that we naturally think about, and not every one of us is comfortable in showing certain parts of the body.

The solution to this potential problem is to have some structure and wear something sturdier and stiff for core pieces of clothing so that the clothes hang off your body’s skin. Simply put, avoid wearing anything flimsy for the core pieces of clothing, but for cardigans and outerwear, it is all right to opt for flimsy fabrics.

Embrace Your Curves

If you have been told your entire life that you cannot wear certain things because you are overweight, you are not alone. Loads of women have been through the same, which is why it is time to change the narrative. All curvy women should never be ashamed or feel awkward about their bodies – we strongly encourage you to embrace your curves.

Instead of allowing others to dictate your life and live the lie that you cannot wear certain things, form your narrative – pick something that you want to wear, including V-necks, or maybe something that is really form-fitting on top of you and might go loser at the bottom.

So, whatever you feel like is your best “curvy” area, embrace that and wear something that sort of accentuates or emphasizes that area. You might also want to check out some amazing tops, such as the plus-size flowy tops, and see which one you like.

Tailoring Will Never Let You Down

If you have never thought about having your dress tailored before – now is the time. Even if it’s jeans or pants that have never fit you off the racks before and you always have to get them altered, you might want to get your clothes tailored for the ultimate perfect fit.

By having your clothes altered or tailored, you will see that it’s not that expensive at all. Besides, it is also a great investment, and you will actually feel a massive difference in the way your clothes feel and fit after having the custom-tailored or altered. Tailored clothes will fit you like a glove because they are more comfortable, fit you perfectly, and are inexpensive.

Opt for Monochromatic Dressing

Who doesn’t like wearing all black? It is easy, and you don’t have to think about it. It looks classy – it’s slimming. Regardless of the color, if you wear monochromatic, especially if the center (shirt and pants) are the same color, it makes you look taller and leaner.

It elongates your entire body and makes you appear thinner. You will instantly feel slim, classy, and chic if you wear monochromatic from head to toe. Don’t forget to spice up your outfit by matching the right accessories and shoes.


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