This winter, cozy styles will reign supreme. What’s cozier than knitwear? Incorporating knit styles into your outfits presents a down-to-earth, comfortable vibe that’s still undeniably classy. Check out these women’s knitwear styles to boost your winter wardrobe.


Cables are always in style. These complicated woven patterns add a touch of sophistication to your knitwear wardrobe. Make sure to pick up a cable-knit cardigan or vest this winter. A piece made with a solid, neutral color will go well with the rest of your wardrobe.

For styling, we’d recommend that you avoid complicated patterns or designs with your cable-knit sweaters and cardigans. The cables add enough dimension to your look, and complicated patterns can create a confused, chaotic aesthetic.

Gradient Effects

It can be difficult to fit bright-colored knits into your wardrobe. As a result, gradient knits are becoming more popular than ever. These slow-fade color garments blend softer tones into your knit pieces so that brighter colors look more natural. They look great and are available in a variety of different colors, with different fade progression and color blocks.

Since gradient effects draw all of the attention to your knit pieces, be sure to pair them with solid colors.

Granny Squares and Patchwork

Granny squares are technically crocheted, but they present the same handmade feel as knit pieces. This year, granny square and patchwork sweaters and cardigans are huge. Try to find a motif you like! There are a huge variety of color choices, square sizes (some are chunky, while others are smaller and more delicate), and designs.

Granny square and patchwork pieces work best as outerwear, halters, or vests. Layer them carefully with other fabrics.

Chunky Knits

Chunky knit pieces are popular this year. These pieces use thicker materials, creating larger stitches and more noticeable patterns. Some believe that chunky knits look cozier than more delicate pieces. They are often heavier and can be warmer depending on the stitch and style.

Chunky knits go well with just about anything, so make sure to stock up on a few different colors. Different pieces can look great in a chunkier knit, including scarves and hats as well as cardigans.

Wrap Cardigans

A wrap-around cardigan is a ballet class staple, but it’s also one of the hottest styles this winter. They can look great on their own, or you can style them as a middle layer between a turtleneck and a blazer.

However you choose to wear it, there are a ton of wrap cardigan options available. The good news is that color matters very little when it comes to a wrap cardigan. You can choose any color option that catches your eye. It will style perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe.

Knit Jumpsuits

Knit sets and jumpsuits have made a big entrance in the high fashion space. Now, you can find them in more affordable capacities. Try a ribbed pantsuit or a knit bodysuit as a bottom layer. You can choose any color you prefer!

Make sure to check out different styles before settling on a full jumpsuit. Some sets may come with crop tops, halters, or matching cardigans. There are so many options for this extremely popular fashion trend.

Knit Dresses

When you think of knit pieces, you usually aren’t thinking of dresses. Thankfully, the women’s knitwear market has expanded to include these beautiful pieces. Whatever length or style you want, there is probably a knit dress out there for you. If you like cables, aim for a full-length cable knit dress. Want something a little more risqué? Strategic knit cutouts create a smooth, sexy appeal.

There are so many options available when it comes to knit dresses. You can choose maxi-length dresses, midi styles, or even short dresses. Backless options are popular, and there are even turtleneck knit dresses available in a variety of different colors. Stay classy and cozy at the same time!


Get ready to give off those cozy winter vibes with these knitwear styles. There are so many options, and each knitwear piece can be styled in beautiful and unique ways. Go for alternating patterns, calm neutrals to showcase the stitches, or wear neutral knits with a pop of color. However you style your pieces, knitwear is here to stay this winter!