7 Ways to Find Love If You’re In New York

Hey, there, Single Pringle! If you are reading this, then I can say two things. One; you are single, feeling the pangs of loneliness, or just curious about dating in the city of NY. The …


Hey, there, Single Pringle! If you are reading this, then I can say two things. One; you are single, feeling the pangs of loneliness, or just curious about dating in the city of NY. The second is that you are in the infamous city of bustling fun or thinking about going there. Well, if both of these are true, then it just leads to one thing! You are curious about finding love in New York City and wouldn’t mind a bit of a guide, and we’ve got seven ways to make that happen!

Why Is It So Hard To Find Love In New York City?

First off, it’s New York! This means most of the people you are coming across are there to live the best life and have the best of time. While this does not precisely cut you off the chances of dating in the city, a knit-up feeling like love is not explicitly ranking top of that table. So if you are looking for a good time with a good pal, then New York has you covered on all sides. However, finding love in New York City might need a little more effort and maybe even an arrow from cupid… just for direction’s sake.

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with seven solid tips on how to find love in NYC. Tips are good; you need to try them out. So let’s get right into how to find love without using an app.

1. Boost Your Confidence

New York is filled with tons of people who know how to get out and do it! If you are unsure of your confidence, you will surely feel a little deprived of your daily love affairs. Perhaps no one even notices you, and meeting someone in New York starts with confidence. First of all, you need to gain confidence in the right path. Feel good and look good. On the internet, you can find helpful tips for dating someone with anxiety to help you cope with anxiety in NY.

2. Let Go of the Past

Nothing ruins a love story like a wounded angel. If you have high hopes of finding love in New York, then an excellent way to go about it is to be free from your past. Do not let previous unfavorable love histories ruin your chances at a whole new journey. Sometimes past wounds prevent us from putting on a fresh coat. Let those wounds heal, and it will be much easier to understand how to meet someone in New York

3. Be Open-Minded

When searching for where to find love in NYC, it gets to that time when you finally get to think outside of the box, get out of your comfort zone and do the things you were always so scared of doing. New York City is full of fun, open-minded, interesting people, and if you want to catch up to that train, then an excellent way to go about it is to be open-minded yourself. Get out of your shell, try out new things, get in touch with your inner free self, and I can guarantee you will be meeting someone new and exciting as soon as possible.

4. Friends’ Night Out.

If there is one place you can always be yourself without feeling left out or being worried about doing too much, it is when you are with your best buds. It could be clubbing, drinking, fun game night out, whatever way, put those ideas to use. If you are looking for a chance to try something new or push yourself out of the box, why not get a few friends along to make it much more fun. You never know what you get with all that attention…wink

5. Get Yourself Out There

Finding love entails meeting someone, which of course, you can’t get done while staying in your room doing the same thing you always do. New York City is full of beautiful places and beautiful people, of different races. So if you are looking to find black love, or looking to find love after 40, maybe even an Asian looking for love; you’ve got all the options open to you when you get yourself out there.and a great way to get a mix of both is to get out there. From community gatherings and events to social groups and fun parks, there are just so many different places to get to meet so many other people.

6. Fix a Date

Here’s one overlooked tip that also works wonders in the love train. You are having your friends fix dates for you. The thing is, you might be a good match with someone, bu8t never notice it, and they might be right around the corner. One question that pops up where arranged dates are concerned is, “will this relationship last?” The thing is, while matters of the heart cannot be determined on a stand, there’s only one way to find out!

7. Online Dating

If you’re more of the shy person, on the curious side, or you would like a bit of luck in your search for love to spice things up, then you might want to try out an online dating site. New York dating sites are not just fun and exciting; they also add spice and curiosity. You can take it online. Dating sites in New York can land you a sweet one with an open mind and a knack for a good time.

Best Places to meet singles in New York

When it comes to “the city that never sleeps,” there are a thousand and one places to meet singles in New York. Thanks to Yelp, we have put together some of the best places in New York City to find a boyfriend in nyc/where to find a girlfriend in nyc.

  • Moon Bar rooftop
  • Raines law room
  • Ny minute dating
  • The Dead Rabbit
  • The Up and Up
  • Paradise alley
  • Angel’s Share
  • Forest Hill Station House
  • Velvet Brooklyn
  • The Penrose

There are a lot more places and locations where you can come across new, engaging people. If you want to learn about other sites where you can come across singles in New York, check here.


There are many more ways to find love in New York City, but we will be settling with these 7 for now. You might also want to get a bit imaginative and creative; try new things, explore opportunities, and keep an open mind!

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