If you have to commute for a significant portion of your work day, you probably dread that drive. Maybe the same driving route feels like a never-ending labyrinth every day. Maybe it’s because you are stuck listening to talk radio or, worse, music and advertisements on pandering local radio stations. The solution? Audio stories! To add some spice to your commute, we’ll explore some of the sexiest audio stories out there and how you can listen to them. Keep reading for more information on all things audio stories: what they are, why they are great for your commute, different types of audio stories, and our list of the 8 best sexy audio stories to listen to on your next commute!

What Are Audio Stories?

Audio stories are exactly what they sound like: stories you listen to. They are a combination of audio recordings (narrator/s, music, sound effects) and written text. Audiobooks are also audio stories, but they almost always come with the written text (and sometimes illustrations) as well: they are a digital format that usually comes with a ton of extra features. While audiobooks are great, they aren’t the same as a true audio story. Audio stories usually come in podcast, or found on sites like sofiasins.com form and are often free. They are usually much shorter than audiobooks, with most being between 5 and 40 minutes long.

Why Are Audio Stories Great for Commuting?

Commuting can be a lot more than just a way to travel from one place to another. It is also a great way to relax and unwind after a long day at work. When you are stuck in traffic, though, there are very few ways to make the time pass quickly. Some people have a calming commute by listening to music, but few people enjoy music enough to maintain focus for very long. People often turn to audiobooks for help with their commute, but audiobooks are usually too long for the average commute. After all, the average commute is just 30 minutes one way! Audiobooks that are under three hours long are usually just too short to be satisfying, while longer audiobooks are usually too long for the average commute. Audio stories are the perfect solution to this problem. They are usually short enough to be over quickly and keep your attention, but long enough to be satisfying.

Different Types of Audio Stories

There are many different types of audio stories, and you can find audio stories covering almost any topic or genre you can imagine. We’ll explore a few popular types of audio stories below: Romance: The genre that gets bandied around the most when talking about audio stories is romance. There are tons of different kinds of romance audio stories out there, from classic romance to fantasy romance to erotica. Murder Mystery: One of the oldest and most popular genres, murder mysteries come in all shapes and sizes. Comedy: Comedy audio stories are similar to romance stories in that they come in all shapes and sizes. They usually focus on short stories, though, rather than long-form narratives. Drama: Drama audio stories usually come with a touch of romance or mystery, but they focus more on drama and self-discovery. They are usually longer than the other types of audio stories. Sci-Fi/Fantasy: The genre for those who love to travel to new worlds, sci-fi and fantasy audio stories come in many different forms, from the classics to more modern takes.

8 Best Sexy Audio Stories You Can Listen To On Your Next Commute

We have explored a few different types of audio stories, but now it’s time to get to the good stuff. Let’s explore our 8 best sexy audio stories that are perfect for your next commute! We’ve included a sample clip from each audio story to get you started. –

Romance: Coco- Chanel and the Man Who Built the Brand – This is a great classic romance. It is the story of how fashion designer Coco Chanel and businessman Thomas W. Buckley came together to build the global brand that is Chanel. This is the perfect audio story for anyone who loves fashion and business as well as romance. It is both entertaining and educational. It is also a great length for your average commute, so you can finish listening before you get to your destination. –

Mystery: Murder on the Orient Express – Murder mysteries are great, but they usually take several hours to complete. This one is the perfect length for a commute, though. Plus, the story is set on the Orient Express, the famous train that runs from Paris, France to Istanbul, Turkey. Who doesn’t love a classic murder mystery set on a train? This is a great mystery audio story for anyone who loves stories about solving crimes and catching criminals. This one is for people who like their audio stories a little darker and more serious than standard romance. –

Comedy: The Moth Podcast – There are many different types of comedy audio stories out there, but this one is the classic stand-up comedy. It is a podcast, not an audio story per se, but it is the perfect length and format for a commute. Comedy is a great way to break up a commute, but most comedies are too long for the average commute. The Moth Podcast is perfect because most of the stories are short enough to keep you interested without being too short to be satisfying. This podcast is for people who like comedy, but don’t care for overly crass or crude comedy. The stories are usually PG-13.

Drama: The Habit: A New Short Story Every Month – The best thing about audio stories is that they are usually free to listen to. This one is no exception, and it is perfect for your next commute. It is a short story, usually around 20 minutes long, and released on the first of every month. It is a contemporary drama, so it is a little more serious than a comedy, but not as heavy as a mystery. This one is for people who enjoy drama, but don’t want a long commitment. It is perfect for people with a short commute or who often have short commutes.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: The Alien Side of Sci-Fi – This is a great audio story for sci-fi and fantasy lovers. It explores all aspects of the sci-fi and fantasy genres, from books to movies to TV shows and everything in between. It is a podcast, not a short story, and only has 10 episodes so far, but it is a great way to explore a wide variety of sci-fi and fantasy stories in a short amount of time. It is ideal for people who love to explore new things and don’t want to commit to a long-term audio story. Plus, it is free!


This is the end of our article on audio stories. Hopefully, you have learned something new and discovered a new way to enjoy your commute. With audio stories, you can break up the monotony of driving and expand your enjoyment of media. You can also explore new genres that you might not have otherwise explored. Audio stories also make excellent gifts for friends, family members, and coworkers! Audio stories are the perfect way to enjoy your commute while also breaking up the monotony of driving. With audio stories, you can explore new genres, discover new things, and enjoy your time on the road. With so many different types of audio stories out there, you are guaranteed to find something that suits you perfectly.