8 Fashion Tips to Ensure You Always Look Stylish & Classy

People who know fashion can spot an ill-fitting crop top and ill-sized jeans from a mile. For us, regular mortals, knowing what to wear and how to wear it doesn’t come as effortlessly as to …


People who know fashion can spot an ill-fitting crop top and ill-sized jeans from a mile. For us, regular mortals, knowing what to wear and how to wear it doesn’t come as effortlessly as to professionals. However, you can still learn a few tricks that will ensure you always look perfectly put together.

Tailor your clothing

Tailored clothing is synonymous with elegance, so make sure to set some money aside and visit your local tailor who will ensure your clothes fit perfectly. Professionals understand the length and silhouettes of garments and can elevate your look immensely with just a few alterations.

Opt for quality

Fabrics can make or break any look. The main difference between designer garments and store brands hides in the fabric quality which makes designer clothing look and feel rich and classy. Usually, high-quality fabrics have a high content of natural fibers like silk, wool and cashmere while man-made fabrics often have that cheap effect. Plus, they never fall and flow as well as quality fabrics so choose wisely!

Rely on neutrals

Nothing says ‘elegance and class’ like staple neutral items. No matter with what you pair your expensive neutrals, they will always look great. White, black, gray, beige and navy will always be there for you. And if you mix them with bold colors and intricate prints, you will get a fun yet classy outfit every time.

Stick to classic pieces

While we’re on the subject of classic pieces and colors, make sure to grab a few items that never go out of style. Make sure to create a good base for your style with classics like blazers, basic cardigans, sheath dresses, button-down shirts, pumps and classic loafers. Many of these classics go very well with a good grooming style. Getting top-quality beard products will help you get a perfect formal style that will go excellent with classic clothing.

Go easy on accessories

If you want to elevate any outfit, you can reach for accessories, however, too many of them can make your fit look tacky. Do as Coco Chanel recommended and accessorize, but before you leave the house, remove one piece of jewelry—less is more in elegant fashion. However, you can’t go wrong with any piece from the Moonmagic collection of jewelry since it contains pieces that are just right for any look. To be safe, pick one accent item (i.e. gem necklace) and skip earrings, or go with an impressive collection of stacked rings and leave the necklace at home.

Know your underwear

Wearing ill-fitting bras and having visible panty lines will surely ruin the appearance of every outfit. Before you go out, check how your underwear affects the fit of your clothes. If you can, avoid pieces that cause visible lines and straps. Make sure to get fitted for the right bra size by professionals—this will change your life.

Grab an iron

It takes only a few minutes in the morning to remove any wrinkles out of your clothes and elevate your outfit. This little habit will make a big difference in how your outfit looks on your body. For an even quicker effect, use a steamer and eliminate that messy look and welcome elegance in your life. Looking clean is always more important than wearing expensive pieces.

Keep your shoes clean

All the time you spend styling your hair or finding the perfect dress will be wasted if you don’t wear clean shoes. This detail can ruin the entire outfit in a second. Pay more attention to your shoes than on expensive jewelry or branded clothing. To boost class in your look, you don’t have to spend thousands on Louboutins, but just make sure to dust off your shoes, clean them thoroughly and keep them looking their best.

With these fashion tricks, everyone can look elegant and put-together without spending too much money. If you just welcome these hacks into your life, you will stand out thanks to your fashion sense for all the right reasons.

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