9 Step Plan on How to Be a Fitness Model – A Guide to Success

How to become a fitness model? If you don’t sugarcoat it, fitness modelling is a cutthroat industry with intense competition. With the newfound awakening among the people for fitness around the world, it has become …


How to become a fitness model? If you don’t sugarcoat it, fitness modelling is a cutthroat industry with intense competition. With the newfound awakening among the people for fitness around the world, it has become more challenging. But don’t you worry! Here is an eight-step plan for you to become a fitness model in the UK whenever and wherever you like.

1. Become Fit And Appealing

It will help if you are physically fit to become a fitness model. However, it would be best if you also came across as eye candy. In other words, you need to be presentable and appealing. Just having a great body isn’t always enough, although it is essential for fitness modelling.

It would be best for you to keep up with your fitness regime and experiment with fashion. Become presentable with the right clothing choices, grooming, or anything else. Try different looks and showcase those ‘modelling’ aspects. After all, you’re aiming to be a model, not an influencer. Therefore, you need to be appealing.

2. Don’t Compete – Learn.

Many people think that others in fitness modelling are your immediate competition. That’s not true because they might be leagues above you. These people might have more networks and connections. Therefore, you need to learn from them. Check out how they appeal to their audiences and agencies. Read their profiles and portfolio to see what they are saying about themselves.

If you have an idol in the fitness modelling industry, check out any interviews they may have, see how they present themselves. You don’t want to be a carbon copy of other fitness models, but it is beneficial to follow certain similarities. You can follow these individuals on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Thus, you can learn more from them. This is a surefire way to receive a quality education without paying for anything. Just pick on the things they do.

3. Find Your Unique Specialisation

Standing out and thinking outside the box has become the new requirement to thrive in any industry. Fitness modelling is no different. The first step to becoming a fitness model is understanding your specialisation. Are you going for full body modelling poses with gym gear, or is it workout routines that you will share?

Fitness modelling is all about inspiring people while appealing to them. Apart from a well-defined body, learn about your specialisation. For instance, some people would show themselves as soldiers and take it as a unique get up. There are even ‘fictional’ character portrayals while becoming a fitness model. Find your unique trait and specialisation.

4. Connect With Fitness Photographers

A fitness photographer is different from fashion modelling. These professionals are well-versed in dealing with various fitness modelling ideas and pictures. They can share a lot of invaluable insight regarding posing, expressions, outfits and much more.

For starters, you might have to hire a professional fitness photographer. Once they guide you on how to pose and much more, you can work further. It will also work as your first step to enter the industry and build connections. After that, you might get invited to parties or some random photoshoots ready for you.

5. Grow a Social Media Presence

Social Media plays a significant role in today’s world of modelling. It would help if you had an appealing Instagram profile. So work on making it better. You will be on the right track if you add a unique specialisation, interact with people, and build followers.

Correlatively, you can either hire a specialist or expert for digital marketing to help you acquire more followers. Alternatively, you can learn these and do it yourself. Either way, social media is like a digital portfolio. But of course, it goes without saying that you would still need an actual portfolio that showcases your fitness modelling aptitude.

6. Start Building a Sustainable Network

This step has nothing to do with the internet or connectivity. Instead, it is about building a community, making acquaintances, building connections and getting to know people.

Once you connect with a cameraperson, it is also time for you to approach various agencies. You can also use unique platforms that connect you to the agencies and professionals in the industry. In addition, you will have to join multiple shows, seminars and events related to fitness modelling.

Think about it like starting on ground zero. You build from there, and remember, networking is an essential part of becoming a fitness model. Always treat people respectfully and rise to the top.

7. Keep up The Hustle

Repeat all of the above-given steps daily. If you want the best results, you need to hustle regularly with unstoppable consistency. Start treating your journey to become a fitness model as the only profession you have. Share your story, build a credible portfolio that shows your positive attributes.

As you keep on going, remember, this is also a hustle. Think of it as something similar to becoming fit and building muscles. As long as you’re consistent, you will see results sooner or later. The more you expose yourself to the world, the better it is.

8. Get Endorsements And Other Deals

Finally, you might either start getting deals from people or endorsement options. You might want to give auditions for some advertisements. If nothing works, people might’ve approached you online on Instagram. Keep checking the messages. You can also come to lesser-known brands and enterprises to get endorsements.

Remember, affiliating yourself with a credible brand will further help you become a fitness model. For instance, Optimum Nutrition is one of the top brands for supplements. However, there is also UnderArmor and many other brands like Nike, Adidas and many more. If you can score endorsement with any company, you will get paid and much more.

Remember, top brands like Nike and Adidas already pay if you promote their products. So, monetise it if you already own their gear.

9. Build Your Portfolio

Building your portfolio will play a massive role in your modelling career. All of your achievements and accomplishments will contribute to your portfolio and open up new pathways and opportunities in the future.

When applying for different modelling jobs, your portfolio will be one of the first things looked at, and therefore, you need to make sure that it captivates whoever reads it so that they understand you’re the real deal.

Furthermore, we all know that confidence is vital if you want to become any model. And your portfolio plays a massive part in your spirit. Think about it if you have a weak portfolio with little detail about yourself, you won’t feel confident about getting the job you want. However, if you have an impressive portfolio that talks about all your unique journeys in modelling, you will be more than confident that you will get the jobs you apply for.

If you’re struggling to build a portfolio, speak to New Idol Models and they’ll be more than happy to help.


Keep repeating these steps as much as you can. These are the fundamentals of how to become a fitness model. Once you get these down and repeat them, you need nothing else. But of course, as it is about modelling, you’d have to try new poses and expressions as much as possible. So keep up the hustle, and you will undoubtedly see fruitful results.

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