Alejandra Fernández – Only Daughter of Vicente Fernandez

Vicente Fernandez is a Mexican Legend. The singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer earned several nicknames throughout his life, including Chente, El Charro de Huentitan, El Idolo de Mexico, and El Red de la Musica …

Alejandra Fernández

Vicente Fernandez is a Mexican Legend. The singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer earned several nicknames throughout his life, including Chente, El Charro de Huentitan, El Idolo de Mexico, and El Red de la Musica Ranchera. Who is Alejandra Fernández? Well, she is famously known as his only daughter.

Vicente’s work has earned him four Grammy Awards, nine Latin Grammy Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Throughout his career, he sold more than 50 million copies.

To this day, he remains one of the best-selling regional Mexican artists of all time.

Who is her famous father?

Born Vicente Fernandez Gomez in February 1940, he was a Mexican ranchera singer, actor, and film producer. His most common nickname was Chente, which was short for Vicente. Many also called him the King of Ranchera Music. He began his career as a busker but went on to become a cultural icon, recording more than 100 albums and contributing to more than 30 films.

Born in the village of Huentitan El Alto, he was the son of a rancher and a housewife. Between 6 and 7 years old, he began going to movies with his mother, watching movies with Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete. At one point, he recalled that he told his mother, “When I grow up, I am going to be like them”.

At the young age of 8 years, he showed his taste and interest in music. He was given a guitar, and he learned to play it at the time he began to study folk music.

His family found it difficult to support themselves by selling milk from the cows on their ranch. So, after his elementary school, the family moved to Tijuana. And as a teenager, he worked various jobs, including being a bricklayer, painter, and cabinetmaker.

During his working day, he sang. This is why construction companies wanted to hire him, as he boosted the moral of the workers. At the age of 14, he began singing in restaurants and at weddings, joining mariachi groups such as Mariachi de Jose Luis Aguilar and Mariachi Amanecer de Pepe Mendoza. After that, he was noticed locally.

In December 1963, he married Maria del Refugio Abarca Villasenor, with whom he had his first son, Vicente. But he was born premature and had to be incubated at home since the singer couldn’t pay the hospital.

In 1965, he moved to Mexico City to seek a future in the world of music. His first attempts were unsuccessful. At the time, Javier Solis was the star.

But after the premature death of Solis in April 1966, he received his first offers for albums. Vicente signed his first contract with CBS Records of Mexico.

In 1973, another important musician passed away, Jose Alfredo Jimenez. With that in mind, the road for Fernandez to success and stardom was wide open.

In 1976, he released one of his most successful songs, Volver Volver. That song catapulted his fame throughout the country and the American continent.

In the 1980s, his style changed from bolero ranchero to a ranchera focused on migration. The song Los Mandalas was a reference to the Mexicans migrating to the United States and reproduced macho and patriotic stereotypes.

In 1987, Vicente had his first tour outside the United States and Mexico when he traveled to Bolivia and Columbia.

In the 1990s, Fernandez was at his musical peak, with the US press talking about him as the Mexican Sinatra.

He was married to Maria del Refugio Abarca Chiquita, the sister of his close friend. They had three children, Vicente Jr Fernandez, Gerardo Fernandez, and Alejandro Fernandez. Their daughter, Alejandra, is his niece according to some reports. The family adopted her. He also had 11 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.

He passed away in December 2021, at the Hospital Country 2000 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Quick Bio

Born in Mexico in 1984, Alejandra is a Mexican model and singer, famously known as the only daughter of Mexican legend Vicente Fernandez. She is not his biological daughter. Vicente adopted her from his sister-in-law, Gloria.

The talented woman is a member of the Latin American singing scene. She and her husband have released several albums, with the first being Paradise.

She is also a licensed intellectual property attorney with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Her work has been recognized and she is part of the top 100 attorneys in Florida.

Many believe she was Vicente’s favorite child. He adopted her when she was only 40 days old. But Alejandra didn’t find out about the adoption until she was old enough to understand the situation. Even though she was his adopted child, Vicente paid more attention to her than to his biological children.

The Mexican model and singer also works as a designer for popular Mexican brands and intellectual property lawyer.

Is she married?

Alejandra got married to pianist Jose Luis Altimirona, but divorced after only two years. They had no children, and the reason for the divorce was never made public.

She keeps her personal information private, and there is no info about whether she had another relationship after that.

Does she have any siblings?

Alejandra grew up in a famous family with three other siblings. And two of her brothers are singers as well.

Alejandro Fernandez Abarca is a Mexican singer, who earned the nickname El Potrillo by the media. He sold more than 20 million records worldwide.

Vicente Fernandez Jr is also a famous Mexican singer. Both he and Alejandro toured and sang with their father.

Gerardo is the second son, and he is the only one who didn’t venture into the music world.

Is she Vicente’s biological daughter?

As we said before, Vicente had three biological children, all of them sons. He didn’t have a daughter, so he adopted one. He got married to Maria del Refugio Abarca Ciquita in December 1963, who was the sister of his close friend.

Alejandra is the only daughter of Vicente, and his youngest child. But she is not his biological daughter. He adopted her when she was only 40 days old. Yet, they didn’t share the information with Alejandra until she was old enough to understand the situation.

Fun fact, at one point, they were separated. Her biological mother, Gloria, once asked for the return of her child. At the time, Alejandra was 4 years old and knew nothing of her adoption. Vicente and his wife had no choice but to give her back to her mother.

Yet, the split didn’t last long. Vicente was driven by extreme grief and depression. Gloria, her biological mother and sister-in-law with Vicente, brought her back to him.

Net worth

There is no information about the net worth of Alejandra Fernandez. There is no doubt that she earns a decent amount of money from her different careers. After all, she works as a model, singer, designer, and attorney.

What we do know is the net worth of her father at the time of his passing. He had a net worth of more than $25 million. How much of that she inherited? There is no information about that.

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