Amanda Leatherman: A Glimpse Into the World of Poker Presenting

Amanda Leatherman is a recognized figure in the world of poker, both for her work in front of the camera as a TV host and as the spouse of Daniel Negreanu, one of the most …

Amanda Leatherman

Amanda Leatherman is a recognized figure in the world of poker, both for her work in front of the camera as a TV host and as the spouse of Daniel Negreanu, one of the most successful poker players in the world. With a career spanning various aspects of the entertainment and poker industry, she has carved a niche for herself that resonates with her audiences. Her contribution to the industry goes beyond hosting, as she’s also known for her appearances in movies and series within the genre.

Leatherman’s proficiency in engaging the poker community has been a significant factor in her rise to popularity. Her role in hosting poker shows like The Big Game and The Big Game has not only shown her skill as a presenter but has also immersed her into the inner circle of poker’s elite. This connection to the poker world is further solidified through her marriage to Negreanu, thereby positioning her as an integral part of the poker community.

The couple’s union was celebrated at Terranea Resort in California, which was notable for a vegan reception and an assembly of poker celebrities, reflecting their prominence within the poker world. Leatherman’s personal and professional life, intertwined with poker, highlights her as an influential and well-respected individual in the industry.

Personal Life

Amanda Leatherman’s personal life reflects a blend of a supportive family background and high-profile relationships, complemented by an active presence on public platforms.

Early Years and Family

Leatherman, age 39, hails from a close-knit family, which has been a foundation of support throughout her career. Although specifics about her family members are not publicly detailed, their influence is evident in her professional demeanor and grounded personality.

Relationship with Daniel Negreanu

Leatherman and Daniel Negreanu, a prominent figure in the poker world, have a widely recognized relationship. The couple’s engagement took place on New Year’s Eve and they subsequently married on May 19, 2019. Their wedding ceremony was held in California at the luxurious Terranea Resort, marking a significant moment in their personal lives.

  • Married: May 19, 2019
  • Location: Terranea Resort, California

Public Presence

Leatherman is active on social media, with consistent updates on both Instagram and Twitter. Her online engagement reveals her interests and aspects of her personal life to her audience, demonstrating a balance between her private and public spheres.

  • Instagram: Engages with fans through personal and professional updates
  • Twitter: Shares insights and communicates with a broader audience

Professional Career

Amanda Leatherman’s professional career extends from poker journalism to TV hosting, with significant contributions to the poker community through her various media roles.

Poker Journalism and Hosting

Amanda Leatherman established her prominence in the poker world as a Poker Host and Reporter. She began her journey in the industry as a host for, interviewing many Poker Legends and report from events like the World Series of Poker. Leatherman’s role at PokerNews positioned her as an authoritative voice in the community. As a Poker Journalist, she worked with Pokerwire, providing updates and insights into poker tournaments.

Notably, Leatherman served as the host for the World Poker Tour, a position that had her face familiar to poker aficionados globally. She also acted as the host for the Big Game, known for its high-stakes poker matches and strategic plays.

Television and Acting Roles

In her acting career, Leatherman has appeared in feature films, including a role in the movie “Detention.” Her television presence is marked by her work on Big Game and Friday Night Poker on Facebook Watch. These roles allowed her to blend her poker expertise with her skills in front of the camera, hosting and engaging with audiences during televised poker events.

Engagement in Poker Events

Leatherman’s engagement with poker events goes beyond journalism and hosting. She has been a consistent presence at major poker events, where she conducts interviews and interacts with the players. Her work not only involves reporting but also promoting poker through various platforms, which contributes to the popularization of the sport. Her role in the Big Game is a testament to her contributions, where she served not just as a host, but as an ambassador for the game.

Connections in the Poker World

Amanda Leatherman’s presence in the poker industry extends beyond her roles on screen. Her significant other, Daniel Negreanu, and her myriad professional relationships place her at the nexus of a network that includes prominent poker professionals and media figures.

Collaborations and Friendships

Leatherman has built numerous professional relationships through her tenure as a hostess and TV presenter for shows like the World Poker Tour and The Big Game. Her connections in the industry include friendships with well-known players such as Daniel Negreanu, whom she married, and others like Jason Somerville and Maria Ho, who have also made significant impacts in the poker world.

Associate Connection
Phil Hellmuth Fellow poker professional and potential collaborator
David Williams Peer in the industry
Frank Kassela Industry acquaintance
Jennifer Tilly Co-star and colleague on poker-related programs
Doyle Brunson Esteemed poker professional and industry icon

These individuals are just a few within Leatherman’s expansive poker network, which includes both personal friendships and professional associations.

Influence and Advice

As a prominent figure in poker media, Leatherman offers influence and advice to the poker community. Her insights are valued, and she frequently interacts with top professionals, including Antonio Esfandiari, Jeff Madsen, and David Benyamine. Each of these relationships provides her with unique perspectives on the game, which she can impart as both advice to players and ambassadorial representation.

  • Antonio Esfandiari and Jeff Madsen: Her interactions with them bolster her expertise, enhancing her ability to give insightful poker advice.
  • David Benyamine: His experiences contribute to the wealth of knowledge she has access to, which reinforces her role as a credible source of poker strategy.

It is through Leatherman’s array of connections and her ability to distill the advice of poker experts that her status as a trusted figure and ambassador for poker is sustained.

Public and Private Milestones

Amanda Leatherman has experienced notable milestones in both her public career and private life, from being a prominent poker industry personality to her relationships and achievements.

Notable Life Events

Romance: Leatherman tied the knot with renowned poker player Daniel Negreanu in Las Vegas. They shared their special day online, coining the official hashtag #AlovesTheD. Negreanu, previously linked to relationships with poker personalities Evelyn Ng and Lori Lin Weber, found love with Leatherman, and they have remained a well-known couple in the poker community.

Residence: Amanda Leatherman, after getting married, resides in Las Vegas, a city synonymous with the world of poker and high-stakes gaming.

Poker Achievements

Television Presence: Leatherman made a name for herself as a TV host and presenter, featuring on popular poker programs such as the World Poker Tour (WPT) and “The Big Game”. Her work has made her a familiar face and trusted personality within the poker community.

WPT Champions: While Leatherman has not won WPT tournaments as a poker player, she is closely associated with the WPT Champions through her hosting of events, contributing to the poker world by shining a spotlight on winners and notable players.

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