Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss – Find Out More About The Television Personality’s Journey

Angel Strawbridge is a famous television personality and author. Born in East London, she is the daughter of Stephan Newsman and Jennifer Newsman. Her family ran a jewelry shop. Over the years, she has struggled …


Angel Strawbridge is a famous television personality and author. Born in East London, she is the daughter of Stephan Newsman and Jennifer Newsman. Her family ran a jewelry shop. Over the years, she has struggled with obesity and extra weight. We all know losing weight is a challenging task, so let’s talk more about Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss journey and how she did it.

Losing weight comes with a few benefits. It helps you lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes, and more. But generally speaking, it improves the quality of your life. Losing promotes good health, so we should all try to maintain a healthy weight. Here is how Angel did it.

Who Is Angel Strawbridge?

Let’s talk a bit about the famous television personality. She was born in East London, South Africa, on April 7, 1978. She and her parents moved to Canvey Island in Essex shortly after. There, they had a family jewelry store.

Famous for her bright red hair, she is the founder of The Vintage Patisserie, a 1940s-inspired hospitality company.

Who Is She Married Too?

Angel got married to Dick Strawbridge in 2015. The two met through a shared agent and friend. Shortly after getting married, the couple moved to France and tried to find a better life there.

Dick, Born Richard Francis Strawbridge, is a British television personality and former army officer. He is often referred to as Colonel Dick.

He received a commission in the British Army in 1979 after attending Welbeck DSFC. He joined the Royal Corps of Signals in January 1980. Dick was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 1993 for his service in Northern Ireland.

Following his army career, Dick appeared as an engineering and environmental expert in various television series. One of them was Scrapheap Challenge, first appearing as a contestant on the team Brothers in Arms. He then replaced Robert Llewellyn as the main presenter.

Dick has also appeared on It’s Not Easy Being Green on BBC Two. Following his switch of career to television, many people refer to him as a telly tart.



Back to Angel, in 1995 she relocated to East London and began selling vintage goods at Old Spitalfields market. In 2000, she moved into a converted East London School House and started her monthly event, called The Angel A Vintage Experience.

During the event, friends and fashion lovers would gather and listen to jazz, all while trying on vintage clothes and enjoying delicious food.

Her business background helped her work in London as an adviser to companies on profit and loss. In the 2010s, she started her television career and appeared on BBC Two’s Dragon’s Den. During her time there, she won investment backing from entrepreneurs like Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis.

The partnership did not come to fruition after the show, but they remained friends.

Angel has released a home fragrance range, a collection of beautiful flowers, and a soft furnishing range comprising wallpaper, bedding, and cushions.

Thanks to her exposure on BBC Two show, she secured her book deal with publishers. In 2011, Angel released her first book, The Vintage Tea Party Book, followed by The Vintage Tea Party Year in 2012 and The Vintage Sweets Book in 2013.

In 2018, Angel and her now-husband Dick released their joint book, Chateau The Beginning. It offered a unique glimpse into their new life following their relocation to France.

Move to France

Speaking about the relocation to France, Angel and her husband Dick Strawbridge purchased the beautiful 19th-century Chateau in Martigne-sur-Mayenne in January 2015. They moved in, but the property had no electricity, running water, or a proper sewage system.

Using their effort, skill, and hard work, they restored the chateau on a shoestring budget. You can say Angel has a lot of DIY skills and an eye for design.

They got married at the chateau in November 2015, shortly after their journey was aired across the UK. The place is now their home, but also a fully-equipped wedding venue. They offer overnight stays, camping, and gardening experience.

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss

Now let’s talk about her weight loss journey. How did she lose weight? How much did she shed? Why? And so on. When Angel embarked on her weight loss journey, she wanted to shed some pounds. And she did lose 33 pounds.

Angel started her experience in 2009 after seeing her body is not in the right shape. So, she monitored every food she ate starting from breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Angel’s Diet Plan

During Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss journey, she relied on her diet plan to help her get there. Angel follows an 80/20 healthier foods diet plan.

What does it mean? Well, it means 80% of the food you consume has to be nutritious healthy food, including whole grains, lean protein, and more.

At the same time, you avoid processed food and junk food. Instead, you focus on homemade healthy food, fruits, and vegetables.

You also need to consume limited fats from olive oil and avocado. Healthy fats are good, but they have to come from healthy sources.

Salads were the most important food in her healthy diet.

Workout Routine

You cannot lose weight without a proper workout routine. Food and a healthy diet are only one part of the equation. The other is exercise.

Angel took care of her exercise routine, scheduling workout sessions 5 or 6 days per week. That doesn’t mean she works out an hour per day. No, instead, she focuses on 20 minutes of cardio and some light body-weight training. If you work out every day, results will come.

Some days she does 20 minutes of cardio, others, she does 20 minutes of resistance training. Generally, she tries to keep her workout sessions up to 30 minutes per day.

Did She Have Weight Loss Surgery?

Angel and her husband Dick, who is a former army officer, rely on yoga to manage stress. There were rumors she might have undergone weight loss surgery.

But she has not done it. Yes, in an interview she says that a surgical operation can help you shed some extra pounds. But that doesn’t mean she did it.

Inspiring Others

Angel Strawbridge managed to lose 33 pounds simply by watching what she ate and doing some regular exercise. Her weight is now around 140 pounds, and it was over 170 pounds when she started.

She wants to inspire people to have an ideal body weight. You can easily copy her lifestyle. Yes, it takes time to lose weight. But if you follow a healthy lifestyle, you cannot get sick. Instead, you maintain your body in a good condition.

Angel has released a couple of books speaking about her experience and big change.

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