Are Expensive Locks Worth Investing For Security Reasons?

Home is our safe place. And to keep its security intact, we take into account everything we can. Similarly, when someone begins a startup, he takes all measures to protect it from burglars. However, despite …


Home is our safe place. And to keep its security intact, we take into account everything we can. Similarly, when someone begins a startup, he takes all measures to protect it from burglars. However, despite making all efforts, we sometimes fail to protect our property and possessions from these burglars who sneak in through our homes and businesses. When such things happen, the first question that comes to your mind is whether the locks on your doors are not effective enough to protect you from these burglars? Unfortunately, the answer is maybe yes.

Nowadays, the market is flooded with high-security locks and systems that the majority of people are inclined to install on their residential and commercial properties for robust security. But, can everyone afford them? Are they worthy of investing? The sky-high prices of these modern-day locks and security systems have raised more questions for property owners.

The fact is money is not a thing to think about, for people with the ownership of luxury houses, complex buildings, and renowned firms. But those who own small homes and apartments, or running small businesses, may be more worried about whether to spend on expensive locks or compromise on their security with cheap locks. Hence, there are two types of customers, one with a small budget looking for a high-security solution while others want high-security locks and are willing to pay for them.

Now, we will see if high-security locks and systems are always expensive. Are these expensive, high-security locks the best for homes and businesses?

What Are High-security Locks?

Deadbolts and smart locks are now available to offer high-end security for your safety. These high-security locks are much more reliable and durable to entrust with the security of your family and valuables. For instance, if we talk about deadbolt locks, they do a great job when installed on residential doors. However, there are different grades of deadbolt locks presenting different security levels. For example, Grade 1 deadbolts are quite efficient than Grade 3 deadbolt locks.

For a more expensive option, you may invest in smart locks. They come with built-in app features and are very challenging for burglars to unlock.

Benefits Of Expensive, High-security Locks

Buying high-security, expensive locks offer you several amazing benefits.

  • Keyless Entry

No Fear of Lost or Stolen Keys

Smart or electronic locks don’t require physical keys to unlock them. So, ultimately, it reduces the risk of intrusion with duplicate keys. And even if a burglar with bad intentions tries to open them, they need special skills which an ordinary street burglar does not know. Therefore, with high-security locks installed on your doors, there are no worries of lost or stolen keys by a stranger.

  • No More Headache of Tampered Locks

High-security, smart locks are tricky to pick up or tamper to get access to the property. They are mostly drill-resistant. Suppose if a burglar attempts to drill them, it can easily grab someone’s attention that he certainly doesn’t want.

  • Eliminate Accidental Lockouts

Lockouts have always been frustrating for the majority of us. We don’t want to get locked out in the middle of the night. However, since smart locks do not need keys to open them, you won’t be facing such situations anymore.

  • Enjoy Convenience All-time

Smart locks can be unlocked and locked even when you’re far away from your place. You have the control of locking or unlocking them with an app on your smartphone. Hence, it makes it convenient for you to lock them on your way if you’ve forgotten to do so.

  • Make Insurance Claims Easier

Despite all these measures, if a robbery happens to your place, you will have enough evidence to show and convince the police of unwanted intrusion and file a case. It is usually not easier with regular locks.

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