By now you’re probably familiar with the benefits associated with CBD, or hemp as it is also referred to as it is part of the hemp plant. There area number of different types of CBD products  that are safe for us to use, one of them being bath bombs. CBD bath bombs are so popular because they are able to offer a number of different health benefits. They are essentially different CBD products all combined into one, for example they can be used in the same way you might use topical CBD pain cream, as it helps with muscle aches and pains. Similarly, these bath bombs can target dry skin, inflammation, soreness and more.

One of the misconceptions that holds hemp bath bombs back is how safe they are. Amongst some customers, there is a worry these bath bombs are not considered safe as they are new and there is still long term research to be done on CBD related products.

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Are CBD Bath Bombs Safe?

CBD bath bombs are considered safe, like other bath bombs, they contain almost  exactly the  same ingredients, just with added CBD. This CBD will help with aches, pains, inflammation, bacteria and can also have mental benefits as it’s been known to increase serotonin levels which is good for people with anxiety.

Despite it generally being considered safe, this is not to say that some people may experience some sort of side effects. Typically, if a customer was to encounter side effects, it would be either diarrhoea, a change in weight, excessive fatigue or a change in appetite. It may also be the case that the customer may have some sort of allergic reaction. If this was to happen, then we recommend seeing a health professional who can advise whether or not you should be staying away from CBD goods.

It might not be the CBD itself that’s making you experience these side effects. If you’re new to bath bombs completely, it could be another ingredient within the bath bomb, perhaps the type of oil used. It isn’t uncommon for that to happen, there has been experiences where people have had irritations from bath bombs due to their sensitive skin.

CBD Isolate Bath Bombs

A more premium type of CBD bath bomb in our opinion is the CBD isolate bath bombs. CBD isolate differs from normal CBD as it removes everything other than the plant itself, it is extremely pure. Reviews from CBD isolate suggest that the benefits are the same from the CBD itself and you won’t experience any effects from other ingredients.

Other Types of CBD Bath Bombs

There are 2 more types of CBD bath bombs that you can purchase. There are broad-spectrum CBD bath bombs and full spectrum. Broad-spectrum uses all the parts of the plant except THC (which is the compound that makes you feel “high”) and full spectrum CBD includes THC, but less than 0.3% so that it is still legal. Broad-spectrum CBD typically has different terpenes.

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