Are You A Water Lover? Here Are 5 Extremely Popular Destinations For Water Experience

There is no denying that you can only feel inner tranquility and true-life satisfaction by listening to the sound of water reaching the sandy shores. Water is a natural element that refreshes our mind, body, …


There is no denying that you can only feel inner tranquility and true-life satisfaction by listening to the sound of water reaching the sandy shores. Water is a natural element that refreshes our mind, body, and soul. It provides us with the energy and calmness that keeps our souls calm. So, whether you are suffering from hardships or misfortune, you can head over to the water destination. Hearing the sound of water waves is enough to bring you the happiness you desperately need.

Luckily, the planet we live in consists of plenty of beaches and oceans for water lovers to revitalize themselves. There is a water destination for every water lover, be it in lively cities or distant islands. So do you love experiencing water spots and wish to reconnect with nature? Well, in that case, the below guide can help you find some of the top water places to explore all around the world:


The United States is a country that offers travelers a range of spectacular views. Among various places in the US, you must not forget to explore Tennessee. Tennessee summers are the perfect time to dive into different lakes, creeks, and waterfalls and relax your mind. If you are up for a sports challenge, don’t forget to check the white water rafting tennessee to get an unforgettable experience. Since the rafting location is just 45 minutes away from Gatlinburg, you can still enjoy the mesmerizing view of smoky mountains. If you’re looking to adventure into the midwest US, check out Colorado Springs white water rafting in the Royal Gorge. If you’re an experienced rafter, try going in early spring as the snow melts and starts travelling downstream–it makes for some intense class 4 and 5 rapids.

While visiting the US, make sure to head over to New Mexico’s Blue hole having a constant 62 Fahrenheit temperature. The spot offers you a chance to enjoy scuba diving or cliff jumping. Miami Beach, Florida, is another must-visit place that gives you visually distinctive nightlife, art galleries, shopping places, luxurious homes for rent and mouth-watering dinings. Your trip to the USA is incomplete if you haven’t been to one of the most beautiful beaches in the USA – Waimea bay Beach.


You might see Australia as one of the best tourist spots for enjoying Opera or ancient landscapes. However, that’s not it. Instead, you can explore various waterfalls, beaches, and reefs in one of the driest continents present on the earth. So experience the beauty of unique reefs and marine life by heading over to the Great Barrier Reef. You can soak up the breathtaking view of the reef and nearby beaches through Skydiving.

Are you planning to learn surfing? Then, make sure to make a stop at Noosa Heads. The destination offers its surfers gentle yet consistent water waves for easy surfing. However, if you are an advanced surfer, then you must visit Bells beach. Here, water waves may also reach up to 5m high. In addition, the most popular Millaa Millaa Falls in Queensland is the perfect place to enjoy swimming. The 18m waterfall takes away your breath since green rainforest and fern trees surround this waterfall.


Sri Lanka is currently gaining more reputation of having the most beautiful water destinations worldwide. The country offers its tourists an endless range of beaches, landscapes, and waterfalls. However, be mindful, Sri Lanka has two monsoons throughout the year. So plan your visit accordingly since the weather may affect the islands differently. Are you a marine lover? Then, make sure to visit Hikkaduwa and soak yourself in the warm Indian Ocean currents. You can experience various underwater life, including blue whales, reef sharks, whale sharks, dolphins, etc.

Moreover, you can relax in the warm sand of Unawatuna, located in the south of the country. One of the best things to do on this fabulous beach is to take a swing at Dalawella beach swing. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset view by sitting on this coconut swing. Or, you can sit at any benches present on the beach and enjoy the mesmerizing view of pinks and orange hues of the sky while sipping on your cocktail.


Spain is not only famous for its football clubs, art, and cultures. Instead, the country is also renowned for its enthralling beaches and water parks. After all, Spain has around 60 islands and 3000 coastlines. So start your trip for the best water experience in Spain by heading to the most famous local beach in Barcelona, Bogatell. The beach offers its visitors and locals cleaner water and less- crowded space. However, if you are looking for lovely nightlife and turquoise water in Spain, you can head to Ibiza town. The beautiful island has a wide range of beaches, including Ses Salines, Cala Pada, Talamanca, Cala Jondal, Sa Caleta, and much more.

In addition, your visit to Spain to get the most of the water experience is incomplete if you haven’t been to Es Trenc, Mallorca. The best thing about this beach is it has plenty of facilities for you, such as lifeguards, wheelchair ramps, loungers, umbrellas, restaurants, etc.


Do you wish to enjoy the water and tan your skin, then look no other than Brazil. Since Brazil lies between the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn, the country ensures that the tourists enjoy the warm atmosphere to their fullest. So what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of popular destinations in brazil? Most Probably, Rio De Janeiro, right. It is because Rio De Janeiro has the two most renowned beaches – Ipanema and Copacabana. Therefore, these two beaches must be your priority when visiting Brazil.

However, if you wish to enjoy some quiet time, away from all the city life buzz, make sure to make a stop at Ilha Grande. Indeed, there aren’t any restaurants, kiosks, or bars at this place, yet it is perfect for enjoying nature. Furthermore, one of the world’s best beaches, Jericoacoara or Jeri, offers its visitors many fun-filled activities, including horseback riding, swimming, windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc. Other exotic beaches in Brazil that you must not ignore may include Praia do Forte, Praia da Pipa, Lagoinha do Leste, etc.


No matter if you love to surf on the top of waves or are passionate about exploring the world beneath the water. There are plenty of options out there in the world that suit every type of water lover. Fortunately, we live on a planet where there are always some water destinations open for travelers, no matter the time of the year. Moreover, with plenty of water destinations worldwide, water sports lovers have no shortage of activities. For instance, you can experience swimming, scuba diving, skiing, snorkeling, surfing, and much more. However, even if you are not a water sports enthusiast. You can still stand by the sea to enjoy the soothing sea breeze and saltwater rushing over your naked toes.

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