Artwork Ideas That Can Spruce Up Your Home

A luxurious-looking home is a dream that many people aspire to. Once that dream is achieved, some homeowners try their best to make their home look beautiful, presentable, and welcoming all the time. When it …


A luxurious-looking home is a dream that many people aspire to. Once that dream is achieved, some homeowners try their best to make their home look beautiful, presentable, and welcoming all the time. When it comes down to home decor, the ambiance of the house is greatly affected by the aesthetics of the owner.

Decorating the home interior with different artwork can bring together the essence of each room and create a theme. The artwork reflects the personality of the homeowner and can spruce up the place very effectively. Hanging pieces not only bring color to the otherwise boring walls but also look pleasant to the eyes.

With the help of artwork, you can give a luxurious look to your house. Artwork that can bring elegance and cultural value to your house includes whimsical paintings, sculptures, portraits, mirror work, and more. Placing these works of art strategically in every room and corner can make your home look expensive and elegant.

Here are a few ideas to place artwork in ways that can spruce up your place with a luxurious touch.

Different Artworks To Display At Home

Here are a few ideas of where to start when it comes to decorate your home with different forms of artwork.

1. Paintings

Paintings are pieces of art that can retain their value in time. Decorating your walls with colorful whimsical paintings, portraits of your favorite personalities, and even abstract art can give a finished look to your house.

Paintings add color to the walls, and they resonate with the essence of the room. Choosing a painting with the theme of a room can bring a pleasant change in the interior of the house. For instance, whimsical paintings with larger frames may look good in the foyer, over the mantle, or in the drawing rooms. Abstract paintings with minimal frames or on a simple canvas can give an artistic and calming vibe to your bedroom. Fun and colorful paintings when displayed in sets can liven up your kitchen and bathroom as well.

2. Sculptures

Oversized sculptures can bring a whole new vibe to your living room when placed over the mantle or other corner that receives maximum attention. You can also consider hanging different sizes of sculptures over the walls, scattered to give a museum-like feeling.

These sculptural hangings can be installed in the foyer, above a console, or in the corners along with potted plants. If you do not want to spend on expensive metal sculptures, you can make ceramic or plaster wall art by yourself.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors can give the illusion of openness and brighten up the dark corners of your home. You can buy mirrors cut in round shapes and make a frame by yourself. This can give an artistic as well as a customized look to your space.

Mirror paintings are also a great way to add color to darker and smaller places. A trio always brings a harmonious and composed look to the wall, with special attention to the details, you can make the place eye-catching and interesting.

4. Collections of Artwork

Displaying a collection of 3D objects can make your place look decorated and interesting. If you have a group of birds, dolphins, or any other object, make a beautiful display on a brightly colored wall as a background.

Wall art in the form of collections, especially in dining rooms, playrooms and even living rooms can awaken the creative side of the mind and look pleasant to the eyes.

5. Drapes

Drapes are an untraditional way of decorating walls with hanging artwork pieces. But they can bring a nice change in the interior design of your home. Hanging custom-made drapes in the corners, over the windows and beams can give an elegant look.

Macrame is a mesmerizing art. Macrame drapes and wall hangings can bring a cultural and artistic look to your house.

Things To Consider While Displaying Artwork

Displaying artwork haphazardly can make your walls look cluttered. To make your displays look pleasing to the eyes, consider the theme of the room before selecting a particular piece. For example, your bedroom is a place that makes you feel calm and relaxed. Placing paintings with heavy frames can make the place look full. Therefore, select lightly colored abstract pieces or photographs with a minimal frame. So that the attention goes to the painting, and not the frame.

Paying attention to otherwise ignored places of the house, such as your kitchen and the washroom can give a luxurious look to your house. Display fun paintings or quotes in the kitchen. Find a set of two paintings, placed side by side or stacked on one another for your washrooms.

Finding Artwork That Excites You

Artwork can spruce up your space beautifully. The trick is to invest your time and money in selecting pieces and places of display strategically. You do not want to make your house look cluttered, nor do you want to leave negative spaces too much. You want to find artwork that makes you excited, happy and makes you feel at home. Whether you already have a particular style or artist in mind, or you are looking for a specific color scheme, putting in the research when finding your artwork can pay off in the long run.

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