For salon owners, it’s important to always be aware of up-and-coming trends – especially when it comes to weddings. Knowing what’s currently trending in the wedding industry can help you suggest and offer particular treatments to your clients, helping them feel confident for their big day, but also letting them take advantage of what’s currently at the top of everyone’s wish list. Here’s what’s trending right now for summer brides-to-be:


Soft curls, loose buns, even hair completely down – summer brides in 2023 are moving to a more relaxed approach to their wedding hair. Instead of offering fussy styles, salons should instead focus on more subtle looks. If a bride wants to add something a little extra? Keep it simple with a few clips or a subtle headband. Trending hairstyles to make a note of include the low chignon, the classic bridal blowout, and the half-up half-down look.


As well as more stripped-back hairstyles, summer brides-to-be are also shifting to more minimal makeup looks. A big trend right now? Beautiful glowy looks that can take brides from walking down the aisle to their first dance; this summer, it’s less about makeup and more about an emphasis on skincare and letting natural beauty shine through. The most popular bridal makeup artists are focusing on making their brides look like an elevated version of themselves on their special day.

Salon treatments

While the majority of beauty treatments are reserved for the morning of the bride’s upcoming nuptials, brides are also starting to think ahead when it comes to beauty preparation that can be done in advance of their wedding day, too. For brows, beauty trends have found themselves somewhere between the thick brows of a few years ago and the ultra-thin brows of the 90s; brides like to make an appointment for three days before the wedding to avoid regrowth while allowing enough time for any redness to settle. When it comes to nails, natural nudes and pinks are popular right now, while many nail artists are seeing brides ask for acrylic nail sets polished with elegant nail art.


Given the recent trend of minimal “no-makeup” makeup for brides-to-be, many women are now focused on also getting their skin prepared for their wedding day. Current skincare trends popular this summer are facials to clear pores of any gunk and get the skin ready for a subtle makeup look, as well as at-home hydration masks to keep skin bouncy and hydrated for those all-important wedding photos.

Staying on top of wedding trends is essential for salon owners looking to cater to brides-to-be. This summer, stay up to date with your treatments using the popular beauty trends above, and have women gushing over just how special you made them feel for their big day.