Bang & Olufsen, renowned for their sleek, high-quality speakers with built-in amplifiers, introduces the compact Beolab 8.

Despite its small size, Beolab 8 promises powerful and rich sound, suitable for individual use, stereo pairing, or as surround speakers in a premium B&O home theater setup. Its specs and pricing suggest a potent yet compact performer.

Beolab 8: Powerful Sound from a Small Package

Beolab 8 is an active three-way speaker featuring a 16 mm tweeter, 3″ mid-range driver, and 5.25″ woofer. Inspired by the classic Beolab 17, Beolab 8’s performance is significantly enhanced with features like Beam Direction Control and room correction.

Beam Direction Control, also seen in Beolab 28, enables seamless switching between two listening modes. Beolab 8 can precisely direct sound to a specific spot in the room or create a wide soundstage. LED indicators on the speaker show its current sound mode.

Beolab 8 is part of Bang & Olufsen’s Mozart platform, offering music playback through WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3. It supports both wireless and built-in Powerlink, allowing connection to older Bang & Olufsen TV and audio systems. Bang & Olufsen emphasizes

Beolab 8’s durability, with quality materials and a replaceable power supply to keep it up-to-date with the latest tech standards.

Build Quality in Signature B&O Style

Beolab 8’s design emphasizes aesthetics from every angle, with a cylindrical shape wrapped in polished aluminum from Bang & Olufsen’s Factory 5. The speaker draws inspiration from the floor-standing Beolab models, and its front can be covered with fabric, wooden lamellas crafted in Denmark, or fabric that matches Beosound Theatre, Beolab 28, and Beolab 50.

The interplay of light and shadow between the outer aluminum shell and the inner core creates a visually pleasing appearance. True to Scandinavian design principles, where form follows function, the speaker’s shape enhances both its aesthetics and acoustics.

Price and Availability

Beolab 8 offers a choice of color variants, including Silver/Natural Aluminum, Gold Tone, or Black Anthracite, combined with speaker covers in Oak, Light Oak, Dark Oak, or fabric. Beolab 8 is priced from $2,749 per unit.