Best Looking Actors – List Updated in 2020

It is time to talk about some of the best looking actors in the world. We had a couple of criteria for choosing the people on this list. But the most standard ones include beauty, …


It is time to talk about some of the best looking actors in the world. We had a couple of criteria for choosing the people on this list. But the most standard ones include beauty, smile, nature, and their charm and character. So, let’s take a look.

Grant Gustin


You will notice a pattern down the list. Many of the best looking actors play a role in superhero movies or TV shows. Grant Gustin is the new and modern Flash. He runs between worlds, universes, and saves people in the process.

Born in 1990, Grant just turned 30 years old. His smile will definitely make your day.

Richard Gere


Oldie, but goldie. That is one way to describe Richard Gere. He was among the first male actors to really turn up the heat when it comes to sex appeal. He reached his peak level of hotness in the movie American Gigolo.

Gere had his best days in the 1980s and 1990s. But he can still charm you with his character.

Jamie Dornan


Well, you do not get to play Mr. Grey if you do not look amazing. Jamie portrayed Mr. Grey in the 50 Shades of Grey movie franchise. And since the moment he stepped on the set of the movie, he stole our hearts.

Denzel Washington


The best part about Denzel Washington? He often takes his shirt off in the movies. But playing in action movies gets you to do that. Denzel has a repertoire of inspiring and powerful roles. And he looks amazing in any movie he appears in.

Who can forgive his incredible abs in the movie The Hurricane?

Dave Franco


Beauty runs in the family. Dave Franco is one part of the Franco family on this list. Dave might not get as popular as his brother James, but he still gets the nod for beauty. He started his career with small roles in movies and then shined in the ninth season of the comedy series Scrubs.

Dave got his movie breakthrough as a supporting role in 21 Jump Street.

James Franco


You cannot have the one without the other. James is the more famous brother. He works as an actor, director, comedian, producer, painter, and writer.

James has the looks, but also the talent. He won a couple of awards, including a Golden Globe for his performance in The Disaster Artists.

We love that he can transform from a serious role in Milk to a comedic one in Oz the Great and Powerful. That is something you want in a man, a serious and witty character at the same time.

Idris Elba


Idris Elba graced the cover of Maxim magazine. That is the ultimate stamp of approval for your beauty. And yes, he got the chance to grace the cover as the first man.

Many speculated he will get the role of James Bond. That would have made him the first black Bond. Sadly, he didn’t get the role.

You can catch him in a number of movies and TV shows. We loved him in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom biographical movie.

Stephen Amell


Stephen Amell got synonymous with the Arrow TV show. He brought superhero TV shows back to relevance. Thanks to him, we got many other comic book-inspired TV shows in the past several years.

And during his Arrow’s days, we got to watch his amazing body. Stephen took off his shirt in almost every other episode of the show. Those abs belong to his list for sure.

Henry Cavill


Speaking of actors and superheroes, you cannot make a list without Superman. The best among the rest, right? Well, Henry got to play Superman. He also got the main role in the movie adaptation of the video game, The Witcher.

Simply put, he rises to the occasion in everything he appears. You can even catch him in some serious roles.

George Clooney


Every man’s wish is to age as half as gracefully as George Clooney. Sadly, we are not all Clooney. But he is one of the few actors or men, that looks amazing with grey hair. Yes, no matter how old he gets, Clooney looks amazing.

Some people even compare him to fine wine, the older, the better. For some fans, he reached his peak level of hotness in the doctor uniform on ER.

Leonardo DiCaprio


Few actors can get away with a man bun and looking hot and amazing. Leonardo is one of them. Fans loved him from the second he stepped on the Titanic. He stole our hearts. And then, he reached the peak level of hotness in the 1996 movie adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

Nowadays, Leonardo has one of the largest fan bases in the world. He even turned into a meme. And fans lobbied for his Oscar for years.

Ryan Gosling


A movie favorite, Ryan Gosling made a career appearing in romantic comedies. But he can pull off a serious role as well.

The Canadian actor started his career on the Mickey Mouse Club. From there, he reached international stardom.

Chris Pine


Born in Los Angeles, Chris Pine had contact with the acting world as a young kid. One of his maternal grandparents served as the president of the Hollywood Bar Association. And his parents worked as actors as well.

Chris made his feature movie debut in The Princess Diaries 2. Now, we recognize him as Captain James Kirk from the new Star Trek movies.

Jared Leto


Not all best looking actors are sweethearts. Some of them have that mystique and mystery shrouded around them. Jared Leto falls into that category. He manages to pull off everything he wears, even the most over-the-top fashion clothes.

Forget his Joker role in Suicide Squad, and focus on his amazing movies. Oh, and he is a singer as well.

Brad Pitt


For years, fans and magazines around the world selected Pitt as the sexiest man alive. And he definitely deserves that title. An actor and a producer, Brad is as versatile as they come. He can pull of thriller movies, horror movies, drama movies, and even comedies.

Ryan Reynolds


If there is one actor on this list that will make you laugh in his sleep, it is Reynolds. And if he can get Blake Lively’s approval, he has ours as well.

Reynolds got famous as an actor in romantic comedies. But in the last few years, he conquered the world with his Deadpool persona.

Bradley Cooper


He once topped People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive poll. Bradley Cooper has the swag to make everything look better. Some might say he is just another romantic comedy actor. But he is more than that.

We can say for sure he captured all of our hearts in “A Star is Born”.

Robert Pattinson


Robert belongs to a rare breed of actors. He was once a teenage idol. And now he is a sex symbol. Many criticized him for his acting skills and talents in the Twilights saga.

But that is long behind him. Take a look at the movies following the end of Twilight. He will now portray Bruce Wayne/Batman, in the new Batman movies. What more can you ask?

Tom Hardy


Speaking of actors that appeared in Batman movies, you have to put Tom Hardy on that list. Strong, muscular, but also funny, Hardy is a pleasure to look at and talk to.

His recent role as Venom is even better.

Gerard Butler


This is an underrated pick on the best looking actors list. A lot of people do not place Gerard Butler on this list. But after seeing his body in 300, how can you not?

And then he has the charm and charisma to go along with it. Have you seen The Naked Truth? Go watch it.

Christian Bale


What we love the most about Bale is his ability to adapt to any movie and role. In the past, he had to shed pounds for some movies. And then he had to gain a lot of weight for other movies. And no matter his weight, he looks amazing. Plus, he played the Dark Knight for crying out loud.

Kit Harington


A lot of actors from the Game of Thrones series could make an argument for this list. But we go with Harington, a fan favorite. He had an amazing character arc, and he played it to perfection.

Fun fact: His mother named him after 16th-century British playwright and poet Christopher Marlowe.

Chris Hemsworth


We started this list with a superhero actor, and we end it with one. Chris Hemsworth portrayed Thor for almost a decade by now. During that time, he appeared in other movies as well.

But we cannot get the image of Thor out of our heads. Of course, not the drunk and chubby one he played in Avengers: End Game. We forgive him for that one.

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