Billy L. Sullivan: A Comprehensive Career Overview

Billy L. Sullivan is an accomplished American actor and producer, whose career began at a young age and has continued to thrive in both film and television. Born on May 24, 1980, in Long Island, …

Billy L. Sullivan
Real Name:Billy L. Sullivan
Birthday:May 24, 1980
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:American Actor, Producer

Billy L. Sullivan is an accomplished American actor and producer, whose career began at a young age and has continued to thrive in both film and television. Born on May 24, 1980, in Long Island, New York, Sullivan made his acting debut at the age of six. Over the years, he has proven to be a versatile talent, taking on various roles across multiple genres.

Notable works in Sullivan’s career include his appearances in films such as 1492: Conquest of Paradise and Tank Girl, as well as television shows like Something So Right. One standout role was his portrayal of Oliver Webb, a streetwise and arrogant preteen in the Golden Girls spinoff series, The Golden Palace. Despite the show’s brief run, Sullivan’s performance left a lasting impression. As he continues to pursue his passion for acting, Billy L. Sullivan remains a talented and dedicated presence in the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Background

Birth and Family

Billy L. Sullivan was born on May 24, 1980, in New York. He began his acting career at a very young age, launching it when he was just six years old. Billy has a brother named Michael Sullivan, who is also an actor. The Sullivan family shares a strong connection to the entertainment industry.

New York Origins

Sullivan was raised in Long Island, New York. The state offered him ample opportunities for developing his acting skills, providing a diverse range of experiences. His early performances include appearances in television specials and TV movies, such as “Circus” (ABC, 1986-87) and “My Father, My Son” (CBS, 1987-88).

Throughout his career, Billy L. Sullivan has appeared in several notable films and television shows. Some of his most acclaimed performances can be seen in “1492: Conquest of Paradise” (1992), “Light of Day” (1987), and “Something So Right” (1996). In 2008, he further expanded his skillset by producing the teen drama film “Faded Memories.”

Sullivan’s background and upbringing in New York played a significant role in his journey as an actor. Furthermore, his family’s involvement in the entertainment industry undoubtedly influenced his career path. Billy L. Sullivan’s acting talent has earned him recognition and credibility in Hollywood, making him a prominent name in the industry.

Acting Career

Early Roles

Billy L. Sullivan began his acting career at a young age, when he was just six years old. He appeared in the television movie My Father, My Son (1987-88), as well as the TV special Circus (1986-87).

Breakthrough Television Work

Sullivan’s work in television continued with roles in popular series such as The Man in the Family (1990-91) and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993-98). He gained further recognition for his role in the sitcom The Golden Palace (1992-93).

Feature Films and Notable Works

Throughout his career, Sullivan appeared in a variety of feature films. Some of his notable works include:

  • Light of Day (1987)
  • 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992)
  • Little Big League (1994)
  • The Big Green (1995)
  • Dirty Deeds (2005)

In addition, he played a role in the 1994 miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand.

Later Career

Sullivan continued to secure roles in television shows such as Hang Time (1995-2000), Something So Right (1996-98), and One World (1998-2001). Furthermore, he was also involved in the production of the indie drama film Faded Memories (2008) as a producer and actor.

Notable Collaborations

Work with Notable Casts

Billy L. Sullivan, born on May 24, 1980, in Long Island, New York, had already worked with several big names in the entertainment industry throughout his career. One of his notable collaborations was on the sitcom “The Golden Palace,” the continuation of the popular show “The Golden Girls” (1992-1993). In this series, he shared the screen with legendary actors Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty, and Don Cheadle, as well as Cheech Marin, in the first half of the show’s run.

Another significant collaboration occurred in 1994 when he was cast in the film “Little Big League” alongside Luke Edwards and Timothy Busfield. The film revolved around the world of baseball and introduced him to an ensemble cast that helped make the movie a memorable experience for audiences.

Directors and Producers

Throughout his career, Billy L. Sullivan has had the opportunity to work with several accomplished directors and producers. One notable example is his role in the 1995 post-apocalyptic science fiction film “Tank Girl,” directed by Rachel Talalay and co-starring Lori Petty. The film, based on the British comic strip of the same name, was produced by the illustrious team of Richard B. Lewis, Pen Densham, and John Watson.

In 1996, Sullivan landed the role of Will Pacino in the TV series “Something So Right,” which was aired from 1996 to 1998. Here, he worked closely with esteemed show creator and producer, Judd Pillot.

Not only has Sullivan shared the screen with prominent actors and actresses, but he has also had multiple opportunities to learn from and be guided by some of the leading directors and producers in the film and television industry.

Critical Reception and Legacy


Billy L. Sullivan, born on May 24, 1980, in Long Island, New York, began his acting career at the young age of six. Over the years, Sullivan has appeared in various television programs and movies, demonstrating his versatile talent. Notable works include 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992), Light of Day (1987), and Something So Right (1996). In the 1990s, Sullivan was a familiar face on television with roles on series such as The Man in the Family (ABC, 1990-91) and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

The following is a list of some of Sullivan’s notable works:

  • 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992)
  • Light of Day (1987)
  • Something So Right (1996)
  • The Man in the Family (ABC, 1990-91)

Tributes and Honors

Despite not having a wide range of awards or honors under his belt, Sullivan’s contribution to the acting world has been acknowledged by his peers. Co-stars, such as Don Cheadle, have fondly remembered working alongside him. In 2022, Cheadle shared a touching tribute to his Golden Palace co-star on social media, reminiscing on the time they spent working together.

In summary, Billy L. Sullivan’s impact on the acting world, though not marked by excessive accolades, has left a legacy through his memorable performances and contributions to various television shows and movies.

Personal Life

Off-Screen Interests

Billy L. Sullivan was born on May 24, 1980, in New York, USA. As of December 27, 2023, he is 43 years old. He has been active in the entertainment industry since the age of six. Billy is the brother of Michael Sullivan, another actor. Although not much is known about his personal relationships, it is reported that he is currently single and not dating anyone. He doesn’t appear to have any children.

In addition to his acting career, Billy has shown interest in film production. In 2008, he produced the teen drama film “Faded Memories.” His off-screen interests are not widely documented, and his private life remains relatively unknown to the public.

Engagement in Social Media

Billy L. Sullivan’s presence on social media platforms like Twitter is not prominent. Given his low visibility in recent years and limited information about his current activities, it appears that he prefers to maintain a certain level of privacy. This might be an indication that Billy focuses more on his personal and professional life away from the spotlight of social media.

Overall, Billy L. Sullivan’s personal life remains largely private, and he chooses to maintain a low profile on social media. With a background in both acting and film production, it’s no doubt that he has a rich and diverse career in the entertainment industry.

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