Black Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses

Black Coloured Contact Lenses see a spike in popularity during the Halloween period. These spooky lenses cover the iris in a black colour that matches the pupil to give a creepy blanked-out effect. It is …


Black Coloured Contact Lenses see a spike in popularity during the Halloween period. These spooky lenses cover the iris in a black colour that matches the pupil to give a creepy blanked-out effect. It is easy to see why black lenses are so popular during Halloween but which style comes out on top during the spooky season?

Number 1: Black Mini Sclera Coloured Contact Lenses

Mini Sclera Coloured Contacts have a larger diameter than regular lenses, giving extra colour coverage. For the black mini sclera lenses, this means the majority of your eye is covered in black as the iris will blend with your pupil colour.

Number 2: Black Halloween Zombie Coloured Contact Lenses

Black Halloween Zombie, also known as Black Blackout Lenses feature regular size iris coverage in black. This popular style is very versatile so if you are taking part in a Halloween makeup challenge or working at a scare attraction, they will see you through October. All kinds of Halloween creatures come to life with these lenses including skulls, clowns, and spiders.

Number 3: Black Blind Coloured Contact Lenses

Blind effect lenses cover the iris and pupil in colour so you won’t get any gap where your natural eye colour may show through. However, it is important to remember that by covering your pupil in colour you are also restricting or even completely obstructing your field of vision. Often Black Blind Coloured Contact Lenses are recommended for use during photoshoots rather than events for this reason. However, they can also look effective if they are worn in one eye and another type of coloured contact is worn in the other eye.

Number 4: Black Hellraiser Coloured Contact Lenses

Whether you are using these lenses for a Hellraiser cosplay or are inspired to create your own horror movie character, these black lenses have a chilling addition that perfectly suits the Halloween season. The subtle blood red outer ring on these coloured contacts is super spooky!

Number 5: Black Mesh Coloured Contact Lenses

Black mesh or screen coloured contact lenses have a grid effect, leaving transparent squares in the black iris. This may give obscured vision and creates a subtle grid effect on the eye. The black mesh lenses are a good compromise if you want to fully cover your eye but don’t want to use blind effect lenses. The unique screen effect gives an alien or robot vibe to the eye.

Many coloured contact lenses use black pigment to create vibrant designs such as Sharingan Coloured Contacts Lenses that feature a red background with a black anime design. It is also used to highlight the outer ring of a lens in styles such as Manson Coloured Contact Lenses.

Some coloured contacts websites also offer natural black coloured contact lenses. To make the lenses look natural they are designed with the same colour flecks and detail as a regular iris but often have an enhanced limbal ring. Circle coloured contact ranges often include a black lens because they are designed to give a large anime inspired kawaii look to the iris. This is why the black pigment is often only around the outer edge of the iris in circle lenses, in order to highlight your natural eye colour. These lenses are popular all year round, especially among cosplayers and fans of alternative fashion styles.

The classic Black Halloween Coloured Contacts designs are suitable for a huge range of costumes so you can get full use out of your Halloween lenses, especially if you choose a reusable lens. If you are planning to wear your black coloured contacts multiple times then make sure to clean and store them correctly in between use.

If you have purchased single-use lenses it is important to only wear your lenses once before throwing them away. Using lenses for longer than their intended duration can cause damage to the eye as the lenses aren’t designed to be durable enough for this purpose.

Check out the Care Guides at for more information about contact lens safety and best practices, especially if you are new to using coloured contacts. You will see that it is easy to use safe coloured contacts successfully if you follow the correct care. These soft and breathable lenses feel just like normal contacts but will an added layer of colour pigment to give a transformative effect to the iris.

Which costume would you pair with these top 5 black Halloween coloured contact lenses?

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