Blowtorch Burglaries: The Rising Threat to Vehicle Security

In their relentless pursuit of new ways to break into properties, while avoiding detection and leaving minimal evidence, burglars have shown a troubling level of ingenuity. Recent years have witnessed the emergence of some new …

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In their relentless pursuit of new ways to break into properties, while avoiding detection and leaving minimal evidence, burglars have shown a troubling level of ingenuity. Recent years have witnessed the emergence of some new burglary trends, including code grabbing, amplification and relaying radio-frequency jamming, and the use of blowtorches, commonly referred to as blowtorch theft.

This method involves criminals using blowtorches to cut through metal doors, granting them access to valuable items, such as car keys. In the following paragraphs, we will delve deeper into this concerning trend, which has received significant media attention, and explain how it poses a serious risk to the security of your vehicle.

How Do Blowtorch Burglars Operate?

Understanding how this method works is crucial to lowering the risk of becoming a victim. Blowtorch burglary is a straightforward yet destructive technique. Burglars use a blowtorch to target the handles and locks on doors until they are severely damaged or destroyed. Once this is achieved, they gain swift entry into a home, where they can search for valuable items, notably car keys and other prized possessions.

Once the blowtorch creates a hole deep enough in the door, burglars can manipulate various components, including the mole grips, the central screw hole responsible for securing the lock, and the central screw that controls the door’s locking mechanism. This method was recently exemplified in an unfortunate incident in a Peak District village. Here, a family fell victim to blowtorch burglars who employed this new tactic to break into their home, making off with £33,500 worth of cars while everyone was sound asleep on the second floor.

While blowtorch burglary may not be as well-known as other methods like lock snapping, it’s essential to recognize that if your doors are made of uPVC or composite materials, you could risk falling victim to this type of break-in.

How to Reduce the Risk of Blowtorch Burglary

Protecting your property from the increasing threat of blowtorch burglaries requires a proactive approach and a set of effective security measures. In this section, we will look into practical steps and recommendations to reduce the risk of falling victim to blowtorch burglary. Follow these steps to lower the risk of falling victim to blowtorch burglary:

Install Anti-Snap Locks

Hire a professional car key replacement service to install anti-snap locks on your uPVC or composite door. Consider high-security options like the Yale Platinum 3 Star Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder lock with a brass finish. Look for locks that meet TS007 standards for added security. These locks can deter blowtorch burglars by preventing easy lock snapping.

Use Sash Jammers

Increase security by adding sash jammers to your doors. These devices prevent doors from opening even if the locks are compromised. Install them strategically near door frames to reinforce security.

Invest in Anti-Blowtorch Burglary Devices

Consider purchasing specialized blowtorch burglary protection devices. These gadgets deflect heat from the lock and door handle during a blowtorch burglary attempt. Additionally, they act as visual deterrents to potential intruders.

Replace Vulnerable Door Handles

Standard household door handles are often made of easily breakable materials. Consult an experienced locksmith to identify and replace these vulnerable handles. If your door handles lack security testing standards, your risk of a blowtorch burglary increases. Standard handles can be broken, exposing the euro-cylinder lock, which intruders can manipulate.

Consult an Expert Locksmith

Partner with a reputable locksmith company for a comprehensive security assessment. They will identify vulnerabilities and recommend suitable solutions. Work with experienced residential and automotive locksmiths who can supply replacement parts, entire lock mechanisms, or advanced security devices and ensure proper installation.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the security of your property, whether it’s your home, business, or car, should be a top priority. By staying informed and implementing these security recommendations, you can fortify your defenses against emerging threats and enhance your overall peace of mind. Remember, prevention is key to maintaining the safety and security of your valuable assets.

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