According to Gallup, 63% of Americans 18 or older like to drink. So drinking can be a good social activity your house guests can participate in. A backyard bar can better facilitate this activity.

But how are you going to get a backyard bar? You can make one if you wish. But doing things this way can lead to certain complications.

Read on to learn about common DIY backyard bar mistakes and how to avoid them.

Backyard Bar Mismatch

Before you finalize your bar design, finalize your other backyard ideas. You don’t want to finish building your DIY bar and find it doesn’t match a future decor idea.

An Example

For example, if your backyard walls have a modern metallic look, you’ll want the same for your bar design. A wooden backyard bar wouldn’t be a good idea in this situation. But it could look great if your backyard has more of a western/cowboy look to it.

Everything Else 

Consider setting up the rest of your backyard plants, furnishings, decorations, etc. first. This can include bar furniture like outdoor bar stools, fridges, canopies, etc. Once you finalize the rest of your backyard, start designing your backyard bar.

Choose Quality Materials 

A lot of DIYers like the idea of using recycled materials for their backyard bar. Many often find old wooden pallets and use them to make a bar.

Avoid Bad Wood 

But not every piece of wood you can find is good. Older wood can have rot that will cause it to fall apart. And pallet wood likely won’t have anti-rotting or insect treatment.

Check Your Materials 

If you insist on using recycled wood, make sure it’s in good condition. Also, apply treatments to it that will help it last longer. After all this, you can use this wood for your bar.

Most of the same rules apply to other recycled materials. Overall, you want to make sure the materials you choose will last at least a few years.

Control Your Creativity 

Your creativity can lead you to some excellent ideas. But you want to make sure your sense of practicality stays a step or two ahead of your creativity. If you get too creative, you can create an idea that’s not practical at all.

Think Practically 

Create a few outdoor bars and then decide if they will hold up and look great. If any of them will fall over after the weakest wind blows or are eyesores, scrap those ideas.

Get Opinions 

Are you not sure if your idea is a winner? Ask your friends and/or family members for their honest opinions. Eliminate the ones most people think won’t work.

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You’re allowed to feel excited and creative as you get ready to build your backyard bar. Just don’t let all of that get in the way of practicality.

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