Should you hire a party bus for prom? We think the answer is a resounding yes! With more space than a limo and plenty of on-board extras, a party bus is an amazing way to kick off the celebrations before you get to your destination.

If you’re looking to hire a party bus for your prom, this guide will help you make the most out of it!

What is a Party Bus?

A party bus is basically a bus-sized limousine. Usually carefully decorated inside to look like a miniature nightclub, complete with a dance floor, epic sound system and seating area, party buses are ideal for parties of between eleven and fifty people.

A party bus is ideal for events like prom, when the whole class can fit comfortably into one space.

Why Should You Hire a Party Bus for Prom?

From the perspective of excited teenagers, a party bus is a super fun and social way to get to the destination! At a glance, a party bus can offer:

A fully decorated vehicle

  • Perfect for large groups so no one is left out
  • A pick-up service
  • Incredible sound system
  • Uniformed driver
  • Dancing space
  • Party vibes!

From the perspective of a parent, a party bus offers everything you could want for your kids on their special day

  • All drivers are fully qualified with a focus on safety
  • While drinking is allowed on party buses, it would not be for an underage party
  • Keeps everyone in one place
  • Get from A to B safely
  • Split the cost with other parents for an affordable but luxury experience for your teens!

Party buses offer fantastic peace of mind for parents and guardians. Whether transporting to the prom, the after party, or back home, safety is at the forefront. Remove the risk of drink driving or other issues with a licensed party bus.

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Budgets, Safety and More!

As we mentioned, splitting the cost with the group is a great way to spread the cost. However, rates really vary which means a party bus can be suitable for a range of budgets.

Factors to consider are the size of the bus, the distance travelled, additional costs and charges for damage.

Be sure to speak directly with the company to get information on their drivers and their qualifications.

Can I Decorate a Party Bus for Prom?

Yes! You can decorate your party bus to match the theme of your prom or after party. You can also bring snacks and drinks on most party buses so check with the company and find out what is possible.

The Finishing Touches

Personalized playlists, photo props, an onboard mocktail…there are so many ways to take your party bus to the next level. Most party bus companies will help you customize your ride to make is the perfect, bespoke experience for your prom.

So, Can I Hire a Party Bus for Prom?

Yes, you can hire a party bus for prom and, given the above, it even seems like a truly excellent idea to do so!