Candise Zepherin – What Happened to Joe Johnson’s Ex-Fiancee?

In the United States, you can easily become a celebrity just by marrying one. And overnight, your life changes. Paparazzi are trying to get a photo of you. People are searching for your name on …

Real Name:Candise Leigh Zepherin
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Ex-Fiancee of Joe Johnson

In the United States, you can easily become a celebrity just by marrying one. And overnight, your life changes. Paparazzi are trying to get a photo of you. People are searching for your name on Google, and so on. One such celebrity is Candise Zepherin, the ex-fiancee of Joe Johnson.

You might not know much about her, but her former fiancée was a sports celebrity. Johnson is a retired American professional basketball player who played for several teams in the National Basketball Association.

Who Is Her Famous Ex-husband?

Born Joe Marcus Johnson in June 1981, Joe Johnson is an American professional basketball player who last played for the Boston Celtics. His nickname in the NBA was Iso Joe.

Johnson played high school basketball for Little Rock Central High School and college basketball for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

In 2001, he declared for the NBA draft. Fun fact: he finished his career with the team that drafted him, but didn’t play a lot for them. The Boston Celtics selected Joe Johnson with the 10th overall pick in the 2001 NBA draft.

After half a year with the Celtics, he was traded to the Phoenix Suns, where he became part of the 7 seconds of less team led by Steve Nash. Then, he played for the Atlanta Hawks, where he became an All-Star.

Jonson has also played for the Houston Rockets, Brooklyn Nets, and Miami Heat. He finished his career playing for the Celtics. He is one of 50 NBA players to reach 20,000 career points.

Johnson also played for the United States national team in the 2006 FIBA World Championship. His team won a bronze medal by defeating Argentina in the third-place game.

In 2021, he returned to the US team, but this time for the 2022 FIBA AmeriCup qualifications. He scored 11 points against the Bahamas and 11 points in a victory against Mexico.

Quick Bio

Candise was born in 1991 as a native of Brooklyn. Born in Brooklyn, New York, but not much is known about her childhood years and parents.

This celebrity ex-fiance hasn’t shared insights into her personal life. Because of that, we do not know much about her parents, siblings, and educational journey.

From the scarce information available we know that she attended Kingsborough Community College in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. Her full name is Candise Leigh Zepherin.

Nowadays, Candise is a grown woman. Her height is approximately 5 feet. Johnson’s ex-fiance has dark brown eyes and curly hair. But she hasn’t shared any more information about her body measurements.

Professional Career

Similar to her personal life, Candise hasn’t shared much about her professional career as well. We do not know whether she has worked a single day in her life.

Candise dated athlete Joe Johnson. And that is all we know about her professional biography.

How Candise And Joe Johnson Met?

For some time, American basketball player Joe Johnson tried to conceal his affair from the press. But in 2016, he drew attention when he posted a photo with a female. What made the press go nuts is that the woman in the picture was wearing a ring, implying an engagement.

Later on, we found out that the girl in the picture was Candise Zepherin. At the time, she and Iso Joe were engaged.

Candise and Joe were supposed to get married shortly after, but things didn’t work out. They called off their engagement.

Unlike Candise, Joe moved on. Following the split, there was speculation he was dating Instagram model Jessica Dykstra in 2019.

Candise has remained out of the spotlight and there is no talk of her dating another man. The two were ready to get married but separated in 2019.

Yet, one good thing came out of their romantic relationship. During their time together, Joe and Candise welcomed their daughter, Justice Johnson.

Do They Have Any Children?

As we said before, Candise and Joe are proud parents of Justice Johnson, their daughter. Joe is a happy father of two lovely children.

His first child, a boy by the name Gavin Johnson, and his daughter, Justice Johnson. Joe got Gavin when he was dating Shannon Becton. As of November 2022, Gavin Johnson should be 15 years of age.

Joe has shared custody of his two children with his ex-girlfriend and ex-fiance. Now that he has retired from playing basketball professionally, Joe has more time to spend with his children. He enjoys playing with them.

Net Worth

There is no word regarding Candise’s net worth and her livelihood. We do not know what she worked in her life and how much she earned.

Her ex-fiance, on the other hand, has amassed massive wealth thanks to his NBA career. He peaked during his time with the Atlanta Hawks, where he was being paid $20 million per year. At that point, he signed one of the first $100 million-plus contracts.

As of November 2022, Joe Johnson has a net worth of more than $100 million.

Is She Active On Social Media?

Candise has never been part of any controversial matter or rumor. She has managed to spend her life away from the limelight. Despite dating an athlete like Johnson, she stayed away from the public.

Nowadays, Johnson’s ex-fiance doesn’t even have a social media account. You cannot find her presence on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other.

Is She Single?

Candise’s current relationship status remains a mystery. The celebrity ex-fiance has not shared any posts related to her romantic affairs or recent relationships. This is why people are asking whether she is single or not.

Nowadays, it is hard to find out something about a person who doesn’t have any social media presence. And Candise is such a person. All we know about her life is that at one point, she dated professional basketball player Joe Johnson. They dated from 2016 up to 2019. And even got engaged. But they broke off the engagement and went their separate ways.

Even the photo of the two on Instagram is not available anymore.

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