You have looked in retail stores, resale shops, and online, but you cannot find the right hat for yourself. You need a cap that will protect your eyes and skin from the sun, and that will make a fashion statement that people won’t forget. You may want to consider making your own hat.

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to make custom-designed clothing. All you have to do is go to an online clothing company that offers on-demand printing. You can upload a photograph or image that you have created or use a simple online tool to create an image or type in a word, phrase, or quote.

The best online companies will have a wide variety of hats for you to choose from. Some companies offer embroidery in addition to just printed lettering. They use an automated sewing machine that will make flawless stitches on the item of your choice.

What kind of hat should I get?

When looking for the perfect hat, you should take the size of your head and the shape of your face into consideration. You can determine your head size by using a measuring tape. There are six basic head shapes, and they each look the best in a different style of hat.


People with a square-shaped face should select a wide-brimmed hat that will counter the strong angles of their bone structure. They should select a wide-brimmed hat like a cloche.


People with heart-shaped faces will want to distract the eye because their faces are broad on the top and small on the bottom. A fedora or baseball cap will have this effect.


If you have a round face, you will want to create a chapeau that has angular features. As with a square face, people who have a round face can wear a fedora, or you could try a beanie if you wear it low on your head.


A sun hat that cuts across the forehead is the perfect option for a person with a long face. This would include a cowboy hat or anything else with a wide brim.


A diamond-shaped face is wide in the middle and narrow at the bottom and top. You may want to try a pull-on hat to balance everything out.


An oval is considered the perfect shape, and you should be able to wear any kind of hat.

What kind of design should I put on my hat?

Are you known for your quick wit? If so, put a clever saying on a wool hat or baseball cap. You can put your initials on a beanie, or you can have your family crest stitched onto a cap. You might want to put a single word on a hat, such as “breathe,” “relax,” or even “kale.”

According to the website,, making your own hat is not as expensive as you might think. If you got a lot of compliments on your headgear, you may want to consider selling it. Most of these websites will have an option for you to put your hat on the market.

The clothes you wear allow people to get an idea of who you are the first time they ever see you. Wearing the perfect hat will put you ahead of the game.