CBD Oil For Pets – Can It Help?

Trends in pet wellness come and go, but one is here to stay, and these are supplements like CBD oil for dogs. Nowadays, you can easily buy CBD products and find the best CBD oil online …


Trends in pet wellness come and go, but one is here to stay, and these are supplements like CBD oil for dogs.

Nowadays, you can easily buy CBD products and find the best CBD oil online for your better health and wellness, as well as specific CBD oils for pets.

As with humans, treatment with natural active ingredients is often an excellent addition to illness. Many manufacturers produce CBD products, especially for dogs, cats and horses. It can restore the emotional balance of the animals and can be used as a complement in pain.

CBD oil for pets: a gentle help against pain, fears and infections

Many clinically good study results prove the medical effectiveness of CBD oil in animals. More and more veterinarians are using CBD oil to treat health disorders and improve quality of life. Pets have long benefited from natural medicines. Cannabidiol is just as applicable to dogs, cats, horses and other animal favourites as it is to humans.

Is CBD oil for pets too?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. This active ingredient is found in the cannabis plant, also known as hemp. Many people immediately think of their rather bad reputation, while the plant also has valuable active ingredients that do not trigger any intoxication but can promote well-being and health.

It applies to both humans and pets such as dogs and cats. The THC content of such products is usually well below 0.2%, so the product is not at all intoxicating.

Quality-conscious manufacturers such as JustBob have gained a lot of experience in the production of various CBD products and therefore offer very high-quality CBD oil.

The difference between products for animals and humans lies in the concentration in the administration of the products, which is lower for the pets.

Cannabinoids address the endocannabinoid system. The receptors are also present in animals, for example, in the brain, nervous system, digestive tract, in organs, glands, tissues and skin. This results in a wide range of possible uses:

CBD is considered non-psychoactive so that it does not trigger a “high” in your pet. The effect is instead of the opposite.

CBD products can help anxious pets, such as cats and dogs, to become more balanced. For example, if the animal gets into a stressful situation, is afraid or nervous, the oil unfolds its rather calming function.

Another advantage is that CBD oil has a wide range of effects and can also be used to heal various diseases and alleviate many ailments such as pain.

Dog owners also like to use the oil for inflammation caused by arthritis, for example. It is supposed to improve the neurological functions, make the animal more agile, support healthy digestion and the immune system and be of good service in case of loss of appetite and convulsions.

In the case of oral intake, the active ingredient is supplied to the body through the feed. It then enters the bloodstream and from there into the entire body.

The dosage of the oil is based on the weight of the animal. It should be lower at first. The manufacturer’s information on the respective product provides information, but you can also get advice from your veterinarian.

The interest in these products is growing for several years steadily. Many people now resort to CBD products for various ailments or to prevent them. It can also be used with pets, as specific mechanisms of action have again been proven in animals.

The possible uses are very diverse. Side effects also occur very rarely with pets, so you can use it regularly, for example, with older animals that already have to live with a few ailments, to help your old companion a little to increase their general well-being.

It’s all about quality.

Animals are extremely sensitive beings. You deserve our special attention. These principles can be found in all of our veterinary products.

Thanks to unique production processes, we have succeeded in adapting our products to precisely meet these needs. Our organic oils are free from terpenes and THC and are characterized by an unusually mild taste. The best is only good enough for your furry friend.

Only organic industrial hemp varieties from the European variety catalogue should be used for the best CBD oils for pets and other CBD products.

The cultivation should be organic, sustainable and regional. The careful processing of the raw material, as well as ongoing internal and external quality controls, should also guarantee CBD products of the highest quality.

The formulations of the organic CBD oils should also be developed in close cooperation with specialist veterinarians.

A good mood for your pets with the best CBD oils

The high-quality and versatile organic CBD oils for pets such as the ones you will find on JustBob.fr offer the ideal addition to the daily care of your four-legged friends.

The valuable ingredients are put together in such a way that the body and soul of the animal companions benefit from the regular CBD oil’s benefits and wellness.

In addition to flavonoids and vitamins, the non-psychoactive hemp ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) perfectly rounds off their organic CBD oils.

If an animal is under stress due to fear or restlessness, CBD can have a balancing effect and help improve the quality of life. CBD oils are suitable for dogs, cats, horses and small rodents such as guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters.

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