Ceiling Fans in Your Home

Ceiling fans come in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes, and functionality. Regardless if you are installing a new ceiling fan for a new home or adding one to an existing space, researching the …


Ceiling fans come in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes, and functionality. Regardless if you are installing a new ceiling fan for a new home or adding one to an existing space, researching the many types and brands will help you make the best choice for your goals. Ceiling fans come in different designs made for commercial, retail, industrial, and residential applications.

Modern designs will fit better in a more recently built building with certain aesthetics, whereas a rustic ceiling fan is more appropriate for older homes and historical buildings. However, your personal taste and needs will determine what shape, style, color, material, and functions the ceiling fans you choose have. Some individuals consult with interior specialists who may be able to assist you in your selections.

Different Types of Ceiling Fans

There are several types of ceiling fans that can fall into a number of categories. They include:

  • Standard ceiling fans – These fans are extremely useful and can be commonly found in homes and some office buildings. The standard design typically includes built-in lighting, a down rod, and five fan blades. Standard ceiling fans come in nearly unlimited finishes, materials, and colors making them popular and versatile choices for homeowners.
  • Industrial ceiling fans – Certain environments like warehouses or factories may need more airflow or higher energy consumption for ceiling fans. These fans are less appropriate for residential spaces, but excel at cooling and refreshing air in larger industrial buildings. Industrial fans come in different colors and finishes to accommodate a range of tastes.
  • Dual motor -Arguably one of the most versatile and powerful fans for both residential and commercial buildings is the dual motor ceiling fan. Because there are two motors and fans, maximum airflow and easy control of airflow direction make these fans great choices for consumers. Dual motor ceiling fans come in many sophisticated and modern designs.
  • Commercial – These fans are made with retail, schools, or other commercial buildings in mind. They allow good airflow and typically are dual function meaning they can cool or warm large areas. Many finishes and designs are available to match your commercial building. There are many cost efficient options for commercial ceiling fans.
  • Outdoor ceiling fans – As the name implies outdoor fans are meant to handle a certain amount of weather conditions like rain and humidity. They may be found in pergolas, patios, or other partially enclosed spaces. Outdoor fans are generally made from water-resistant materials and designed to be durable.
  • Low profile ceiling fans – Made for low ceilings these fans offer a unique design that incorporates safety features and designs to maximize airflow in small rooms. Though they may not have as great of airflow as standard ceiling fans, they do help make small rooms more comfortable with increased airflow.
  • Damp and wet ceiling fans – These types of fans are made specifically for areas or structures that are exposed to weather elements such as rain or snow. Wet and damp ceiling fans are constructed of man made water-resistant and all weather materials or natural bamboo. Some are made to handle heavy weather while other designs are made for mild or moderate amounts of humidity and moisture.

Choosing the Right Fan

Choosing a ceiling fan that is right depends on your space. Factors like maximum airflow, energy consumption, style, and residential or commercial applications may be considerations when you are shopping around. Given that there are a wide range of finishes, colors, materials, and functions in modern ceiling fans choosing the right one has become easier than ever. Look for companies that have the service and products you want when you are looking for a ceiling fan.

Different Styles of Ceiling Fans

The application and where a fan is used can determine the style of ceiling fan you get. You may need improved lighting, functionality, and durability when you are considering the style of your ceiling fan. Some styles of ceiling fans include:

  • Ceiling fans with or without lights
  • Outdoor ceiling fans
  • “Hugger” or low profile fans

Rustic Ceiling Fans

You may have a certain style of room or an overall theme for your home that a rustic ceiling fan will work perfect for. This style of fan can lend an old, classic, or decorative feel to your living spaces. Working with an interior designer may be in your budget to help you design a perfect room that uses a rustic ceiling fan.

A rustic ceiling fan may come with at least 3 blades and up to several more. Old farm houses, art Deco, and other older style periods are used as inspiration for a classic look that is commonly expressed in rustic ceiling fans. Wood rich interiors and historic spaces are great backdrops for rustic ceiling fans to enhance the overall look and feel of a room.

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