As the annual racing season is just around the corner, you will almost certainly be starting your search for the ideal dress to show off your figure at upcoming events. Our race day dress collection is exactly where you need to find yourself if you’re hoping to be in the running for best dressed, as it includes the most on-trend dresses you will find. Here are some of Chi Chi London’s top picks that will ensure you look the ticket at your event this spring.

Monochrome and white tones

Accessorising has the power to transform your outfit. Whether you choose a piece of sparkling jewellery or a statement jacket, a finishing touch can have a transformative effect on the way you look. The ideal way to complement other aspects of your outfit is to go with white and monochrome dress tones. For instance, our monochrome one-shoulder dress is just waiting to be paired with various accessories in your wardrobe, while a ruffle midi dress would look outstanding when coupled with a wicker hat. Regardless of the style that you opt for, don’t forget to accessorise and consider the impact of the other aspects of your outfit.


The only thing comparable to winning big during your day at the races is turning heads with a stunning and elegant maxi dress. Made for beautiful, sunny days, maxi dresses are just perfect for a day at the races and other summer events, too. Our Bardot floral print maxi dress is a races day front runner, thanks to the delicate botanical patterns and the perfect maxi cut. If you’re looking for something that isn’t quite as bold, you might be more comfortable in a chic purple maxi dress. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with a fabulous maxi dress if you’re hoping to make a statement at the races!

Choosing your colour

As you sip a Pimms and lemonade and enjoy the feeling of the sun beating down overhead, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add a splash of colour to your event outfit. You can look luscious in red, yellow, blue or pink, and there really are so many different colours you can choose from to look the part this summer. For instance, our sleeveless midi dress comes in a perfect pink, or you might like to match the sunshine with our chic yellow plunge neck bodycon dress. If you’re attending the races with your bestie, consider contrasting and complementing each of your dresses before settling on your chosen outfit.

Lace and crochet

Trust us when we say that lace and crochet designs give every other outfit a run for its money when it comes to race day attire. We love crochet styles that fuse traditional and contemporary designs while effortlessly providing you with a look that is slightly less formal than that given off by a maxi. Our beautiful blue crochet dress is very much the dark horse within our collection and will make you stand out amongst your friends on race day. Also, this embroidered lace bodycon dress is likely to be a winner if you’re searching for a cute lace design, available in a range of colours.

As race days and other events are likely to dominate your calendar this spring/summer season, choosing the right outfit for the day should be at the top of your priority list. Don’t forget to browse through our complete races day dress collection to find the inspiration that you’re looking for and to ensure you pick a winner before even leaving your house.