There is a good chance that your living room is the first thing your guests see. It is almost always where the guests end up. Your family probably spends a lot of time here, as well. That’s why you need to choose the right décor and furniture for your living room.

Start with the Main Focal Point of the Room

What is the main purpose of the living room? Will you be centered around a TV or gaming system? Or will a fireplace or amazing view be the main focal point? This focal point will determine the layout of the furniture, since you want it to face the focal point or at least not block the view of it.

This could affect various aspects of the living room’s furniture. If you want to show off a fireplace, then you’ll want something to hold firewood, and you may choose mirrors that reflect the fire’s light. If the living room is centered around a gaming station, then you’ll need appropriate chairs.

If a room serves several purposes such as an entertainment area and home office, you’ll want to choose secondary items like task lamps and tables you can repurpose carefully. That gives you more flexibility, such as when you need a second surface next to your desk or want to play cards with most guests sitting on the couch.

Choose Furniture That Fits You and the Purpose

We recommend choosing furniture that fits both you and your purpose. Do you want the family to gather around the fireplace or the big screen? Then you could choose from a large sofa or several smaller chairs. Do you prefer to enjoy the view or have conversations in small groups? You’d do better with love seats, oval sofas and recliners. Do you have a variety of uses for the space? Try to find a modular sofa online.

What does it mean to find furniture that fits you? This is obvious if you’re trying out office chairs. You would want something with the proper seat depth, height and back support. If you are choosing couches and chairs, they need to be just as well suited to the demographics of those that would be sitting on them.

Choose Décor that Fits the Room

Once you’ve chosen the focal point and picked the furniture, you can start decorating. This may involve items you already own such as collectibles you’d like to show off. It may include items you buy to supplement the furniture such as lamps and mantle pieces.

Just wait until you’ve chosen the furniture before you buy throw pillows and decorative items to go on them. After all, you don’t want to mess up your floor plan because you can’t fit everything neatly around the large standing vase or bookcase you bought.

Fill in the Space

If you have a bookshelf, then you’ll want to put books on the bookcase. Then you can look for decorative items like small vases, photo frames that match the shelving, or modest artworks. If you have couches, the TV and other items, you can decide whether or not to supplement it with a corner lamp or decorative mirror.