You searched and searched, and you finally found the perfect living room set for your new decor. But this is just one phase of the decisions you have to make when redecorating your living room. Besides accents, lighting, and wall art, you also need to decide what drapes will look best with your new furniture.

Your choice of window treatment is really important to the overall look of the room. The wrong drapes can make your room seem too small, too empty, or simply missing the aesthetic and style that was the intention. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Color and pattern matching

You don’t want your drapes to be the exact shade of everything else in the room, but they should be of a complimentary color. If you have prints on your furniture or area rug you should avoid them in your drapes. On the other hand, if you used solids for your furniture and complimentary decor, drapes could be of any print you like that matches the style of the room.

It is best to stick with solid colors for your drapes. If you like to trade out your drapes from season to season, choose patterns or designs that reflect those seasons in the same style as the rest of the room. If you want to be certain your drapes match your furniture perfectly, buy living room furniture sets online where you can get matching drapes and curtains from the same decor brands.

Don’t have a picturesque window? Create window treatments for doorways or breakfast bars instead.

Use floor length to make the room look bigger

If you have just purchased an entire furniture collection, your living room will likely be bursting with furniture when it all arrives. Even after careful arrangements furniture can take over a room and make it look small. Floor length drapes in a rich color are well known to add depth to the room, making it appear larger than it is.

On the other hand, if you have a very large room with lots of open space, you can make the room seem cozier by creating window treatments that fall only an inch below (or less) the window sill. This is also very appropriate for drapery for a country cottage motif.

Choosing the type of fabric

Layering different textures together is one of the most popular design trends, but it is important not to get carried away. Make sure you’re sticking to the same styles, and don’t choose fabrics that contrast harshly due to their grain or varying color. You don’t have to choose a texture similar to your furniture, but it shouldn’t look out of place, either.

Layering curtains and drapes in your window treatments can also give you a multipurpose window. Use a gauzy and lightweight curtain to let in light during the day, with a heavy cotton or linen drape that completely blocks the view when you want privacy.

Another thing to consider is care instructions. Velvet drapes are beautiful and luxurious, but they also require special care and cleaning. If you want to be able to maintain them yourself, you are better off choosing a natural fiber or polyester.