Clearing the Air: How to Tackle Brain Fog at Work

Brain fog can be as debilitating as it is mysterious. It can be challenging to know the source of your mental muddle, but that doesn’t make the feeling any less acute. It might be little …


Brain fog can be as debilitating as it is mysterious. It can be challenging to know the source of your mental muddle, but that doesn’t make the feeling any less acute.

It might be little solace for those experiencing brain fog to know that you aren’t alone. According to one study, 67% of the sampled study group reported experiencing brain fog on a daily basis. And that number has only shot up in recent months as brain fog appears to be a lingering symptom of Covid-19.

So, what are you supposed to do about an overcast brain? Especially during working hours, the hazy feeling can significantly impact your performance and productivity. To help you clear the air, this post lists a few fundamental steps to shaking off brain fog.

Understand the Source

Researchers have located several potential sources of brain fog. Some are lifestyle-related – your sleep schedule, diet or lack of exercise. Others are more clinical, involving deficiencies in critical vitamins. And yet other sources might be psychological, such as stress, anxiety and trauma.

If you experience frequent brain fog, sit down with yourself to try and determine the source. Are you getting regular sleep? Is your diet rich enough in fresh fruit and vegetables? Do deadlines at work weigh heavily on your nerves? Understanding the root causes of your cloudiness can help you target a solution.

Try Dosing Superfoods

As you attempt to determine your brain fog’s cause(s), be proactive by taking supplements and superfoods. One superfood, in particular, has been shown to potentially lift brain fog and promote clarity and focus: lion’s mane mushrooms.

Yes, a humble mushroom can help. Long revered in traditional Chinese medicine, lion’s mane mushrooms pack antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that some research suggests support a healthy brain. Before diving in, find a reputable retailer and read more about lion’s mane dosage to ensure you take the right amount.

Give Yourself a Break

Let’s unpack the common phrase, “give yourself a break.” In regards to clearing brain fog, you should follow the advice’s double meaning. If you’re struggling with brain fog, click here to read an informative article that outlines six effective ways to clear your mind and improve your cognitive function in 2023.

First, you should literally give yourself breaks from time to time. Take those vacation days instead of banking them in the hopes of ingratiating yourself to the upper brass. Vacations are a necessary part of full-time work; they allow you to decompress, gather your thoughts, experience life beyond the workplace, and return rejuvenated and energetic. And during workdays, give yourself short, frequent breaks – the “Pomodoro method” works particularly well for this.

Secondly, give yourself a break by easing up the self-criticism. Everyone’s guilty of occasional negative self-talk. But allowing your internal critiques to consume your thoughts can lead to worsening mental blocks. Understandably, you may be frustrated; you want to perform at work, but your brain’s getting in the way. But try to see those frustrations for what they are: temporary setbacks on the road to recovery.

Follow the three-pronged approach above. Locate the source, take supplemental superfoods in the meantime, and give yourself a break, literally and figuratively. This combination of investigation, intervention and relaxation should clear your brain fog, leaving you the mental clarity to wow your co-workers.

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