Clones or Seeds? The Benefits of Growing Cannabis from Seeds

If you are a cannabis grower, you know the difference between seeds and clones. You might have used the two options and got different results. For a beginner, it is crucial you know the best …


If you are a cannabis grower, you know the difference between seeds and clones. You might have used the two options and got different results. For a beginner, it is crucial you know the best option. Seeds and cuttings have different advantages and disadvantages. All you need is to know what makes each option better than the other. Obviously, choosing to grown cannabis from seeds has various advantages. This article will discuss some of the benefits of choosing seeds instead of cuttings to grow cannabis. Read on to find out more.

Strong Plants

Unlike the cuttings that grow into weak plants, cannabis seeds give stronger plants. This is because once they germinate, they start to produce taproots. The roots grow downwards and provide firm support to other roots. It acts as the main anchor of the plant and extends deep into the soil, seeking more nutrients. Plants from seeds are large and healthy because they have established the taproots. 

While clones may seem a good option, they don’t develop the taproots and this makes them weak. The roots cannot be able to get more nutrients from the soil, and this could be another reason why cuttings don’t give great yields. Seeds give you ample time to prepare the ground and everything you need for growth. This way, you can grow them into strong plants. On the other hand, you have very little time for planning if you choose clones. Before you even set things up, your clones will be needing a lot from you once you plant them on the ground.

Ease of Access

Today, it is easy to do a lot of things, thanks to the Internet. Consequently, buying cannabis seeds is easier. Various sources like i49 have made it easy to get cannabis seeds online. They have varieties that you can choose from, depending on your preference. you can easily get the shipment at your doorstep. One major thing about seeds is that they are legal to possess even in countries that haven’t legalized cannabis yet. Imagine how much danger you would be in if you carry the cuttings in an unlegalized country. 

Better Seed Quality 

The quality of seeds you plant has a big impact on the yields to expect once the harvest comes. If you choose the bad quality, don’t expect good yields. Quality seeds will give you a decent size of yields. There are many types of seeds you can choose from. Furthermore, it is easy to know the best seeds. The bad thing with cuttings is that you cannot know their quality unless you see the mother plant. 

When considering seed quality, you can choose from;

 Autoflowers. Autoflowering seeds produce flowers two weeks after germination.. As a grower, you know what it means when your plants start removing the buds. 

 Feminized Seeds.  Feminized seeds are standard made from interbreeding two females. The female plants are the best since they produce more buds, unlike the males that cannot produce the buds. These seeds are expensive, but the yields are something to smile about.

Standard Seeds. These are the normal seeds with normal yields. The amount of harvest you get will depend on how you take care of the plants from the start. These are sold at a fair price. 

Spoilt for Options

If you browse through the seed banks, you will be surprised by how many options they have. You can choose seeds depending on the strains you want. This step is crucial during growth since every strain requires a specific type of care. By choosing seeds, you can peruse through to see the different options of strains and pick the one matching your skills and your setup. 

When growing cannabis from clones, you will deal with guesswork. This is because you are not 100% sure about what you are growing. Even when taking care of it, you will have different questions, and you may even give the wrong care. The variety of choices is what makes seeds the best option compared to cuttings. Keep this in mind; cutting the clones leaves the mother plant with stress for some time and this affects the yields. Furthermore, the clone will also take some time before it regenerates.

More Yields

The main aim of buying expensive seeds, buying nutrients, and looking after the delicate plants is to get great yields in the end. Regardless of why you are growing your cannabis, the ultimate goal is to get better results. Cannabis growers can tell you that cuttings tend to give small yields, compared to seeds. The main issue is that clones cannot make a strong plant for bigger yields. Growers require a lot of skills to make the clones strong and produce higher yields. The skills incorporate patience and effort to get better results.

No Bug or Pest Problem

Compared to cuttings, seeds are the best option when it comes to pest control. They grow quickly and are resistant to diseases, compared to clones. There is a major likelihood that a cutting could be carrying an infection or pests that it can transfer to other plants. With seeds, there are no risks of pest or bug transfer. Furthermore, it is very easy to eliminate the bugs when the plant is still young. This gives you time to watch out for the pests as the plant grows. Hence, if you aren’t ready to deal with pests, then seeds are the best option.

The Verdict!

From the above points, it’s clear that seeds produce a better option. They are also cost-effective, considering the many problems that you can avoid. They produce better yields, meaning you get a good return from your purchase. Although starting from scratch, waiting for the seeds to germinate will take some time and skills, there are many more benefits to reap. Here is a lot of inline information that can help you on how to germinate the seeds and how to choose high-quality seeds. All you need is patience, effort, and ample skills, and you are ready for a great harvest. Clones are still an option. However, they do not produce as many benefits as the seeds.

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