Buying someone an item of clothing that they have wanted for ages can be the perfect gift if you get their size right that is. Clothes were the most returned gift last year and it’s mainly because people always miss out on key things when buying something else.

5 Things to consider when buying someone else clothes

1. What Is Their Preferred Style?

It is very important that you know exactly what their style is before buying them any clothes. Asking a common friend is the easiest way to know that you are buying something that they would like to wear. If your entire friendship group chat loves it, they will probably like it too.

2. What Is Their Size?

This might be an obvious one, but do not guess their size! Asking a friend or checking the tag on an item of clothing at their house can be a creative way to find out their preferred size. Beware that medium and large could mean different things in different stores, so ensure you keep that in mind.

3. Is This Right For This Time Of The Year?

Always try to buy them something they can wear straight away unless you know that they are in love with that specific item. If you are buying them a coat in April, they might not get to enjoy it until November which takes the fun out of the gift.

4. Did They Buy It Themselves?

Buying someone a gift that they already bought themselves can be very awkward, so ensure you avoid this by asking friends or family whether they already own the item. You can always just offer to buy it for them directly, but that does take some of the fun away from gift giving.

5. What Are Their Interests And Passions?

If you want a safe option, consider what kind of activities they like to do and buy them clothes for that. Rock Climbing shoes, running shorts or even a dress for their salsa class would be a solid choice for a gift.

Avoiding The Problem All Together

Even though you planned everything, you might still get a gift that will eventually be returned. The best way to avoid this is by giving them the choice of what gift they want. Gift Cards offer an all-in-one fashion gift card which can be redeemed from a wide range of stores to allow people the flexibility to buy themselves the perfect gift.