Common Legal Services You Can Access From the Comfort of Your Home

It’s no wonder that businesses are looking at every available avenue to take advantage of e-commerce, virtual services and apps. With the value we place on our time and the importance of getting products and …


It’s no wonder that businesses are looking at every available avenue to take advantage of e-commerce, virtual services and apps. With the value we place on our time and the importance of getting products and services as conveniently as possible, more businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs while increasing their opportunities to make sales. Legal services are no different. Law firms practicing in Ontario that were ahead of the curve have already established successful practices by providing much-needed services completely online.

The Benefits of Partnering with an Online Law Firm

The benefits of virtual legal services are clear, especially from a client’s perspective. With an online law firm, you can access vital legal services from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi signal and at times that are convenient for you. What’s more is, generally speaking, you get this convenience and the same level of security and quality of service as a traditional law firm, often at less cost to you.

Many virtual law firms offer flat rates for their services, and because they don’t have the overhead of a brick-and-mortar law office, they pass the savings on to their clients. You also save on the expense of driving back and forth to a lawyer’s office for each appointment.

Finding the Right Online Lawyer

As with any professional you hire, you need to research the work you need done to know what’s involved, how much it will cost and to compare various service providers that meet your needs. Then you need to compare lawyers by visiting their websites to learn how long they’ve been in practice and their areas of expertise, reading online reviews to know if they’re reputable and trustworthy, and checking them out on the Law Society of Ontario’s website to ensure they are licensed to practice law.

When it comes to online lawyers, that means choosing a law firm like Axess Law. They’re firmly established as a pioneer in providing accessible legal services online to clients across Ontario and were one of the first law firms to offer 100% virtual real estate closings. There is too much at stake when it comes to legal matters to take chances with less experienced or established law firms.

Popular Ontario Legal Services that are Available Virtually

There are many legal tasks you can complete using an online lawyer, such as:

  • Business name selection, lookup and registration; incorporation and the drafting of common business documents like promissory notes and minute books.
  • Basic family law services – independent legal advice, domestic agreements and uncontested and foreign divorces.
  • Notary/Commissioner of Oath stamp, which is needed for many legal documents like affidavits, child travel consent letters and invitation letters for a Canadian visa.

. The following are some of the other popular services offered by virtual law firms.

Legal Real Estate Services

Whether you’re buying or selling real estate in Ontario, you need a lawyer to sign off on your end of the transaction. But a real estate lawyer does a lot more than sign paperwork. They ensure that a home for sale doesn’t have any legal claims against it, review all legal documents and advise their clients accordingly, sort out the financials of the transaction (mortgages, taxes, utilities, etc.) and much more.

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Probates

There comes a time when we all need to think about how we want our property divided amongst our loved ones. We also need to prepare for the possibility that we become unable to make vital decisions because of illness, injury or age by drafting a Power of Attorney that gives someone you trust the authority to legally make those decisions for you.

The time may also come when you’re needed to administer the last will and testament of a friend or family member. This requires an application for a certificate of appointment of an estate trustee from an Ontario probate court. An experienced lawyer in this field will assist with your application and provide you with legal advice throughout the process, including what to do if your legal authority is challenged in court.

Hiring an online lawyer for these services, as with other services, can help make difficult times a lot less stressful.

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