Concerned about privacy breaches? Here’s how you can keep your device secure with password apps

Nowadays, even the most minor information is kept digitally. Smartphones have become an all-inclusive gadget, as they can act as a wallet, notebook, reminder, photo album, and so on. From the data you share on …


Nowadays, even the most minor information is kept digitally. Smartphones have become an all-inclusive gadget, as they can act as a wallet, notebook, reminder, photo album, and so on. From the data you share on social media platforms and online e-commerce sites, your smartphone stores the most sensitive details about you, such as location or card details.

Moreover, advertisers use this information to understand your buying habits and preferences better to tailor their ads more effectively. However, this can become disturbing when it is difficult to escape them, but there is also making individuals more aware of the fact their information can be easily accessed.

Why is password-protection needed?

With so many apps and accounts that require a passcode, a person could end up using the same one over and over again, as it can be exhausting to create and remember various passwords. For instance, in the U.S., 26% of mobile users download between 11 and 20 apps on their smartphones. If not all, but the majority will store some kind of personal details, so you might want to consider an additional way of creating and protecting your passwords.

So, what can you do to maintain your smartphone’s security? There are ways in which you can do this without feeling like you’re limiting your life in any way by giving up on certain convenient smartphone features. Various password apps have certain benefits that allow for a better protection for your phone.

How to password-protect your phone better?

For instance, these apps mentioned above allow for randomized password generation or securely storing your passcodes, so you can avoid writing them down in a notebook or even on your phone’s notes. Such apps can safely secure all your passcodes. So, they are essential for protecting your smartphone and keep storing important information without feeling concerned.

An important aspect to consider is that you will need a password to access this app, so it is incredibly crucial you choose one that is not easy to guess. Moreover, make a mental note of this one, as the rest passwords are stored in the app’s vault, or you can safely retrieve them.

Next, we have compiled a list of different password apps from which you can choose the one most suitable for you.


This is probably one of the most reliable apps in protecting intrusive individuals from accessing your phone’s login details. It works well on any operating system and smartphone device type, so no need to find an alternative. The reason why this is such a highly reviewed password manager is thanks to its feature that allows you to set a specific password for all your accounts and other sensitive information. You have to keep this one safely stored, either on a piece of paper in a notebook or engraved in your mind, as once lost, 1Passoword cannot help you retrieve it.

What’s more, this app can provide security for an entire family, giving access to a maximum of five people to share it. So, besides having this advantage, you can use its features as an individual or a corporation that needs to be highly secured.

This password protection and generation app has been given as an alternate option to LastPass, as you might have heard of its recent security issued. The last thing you want to hear about a password app is that it contains multiple trackers. You can read more about how this affected the app and its users.


As opposed to the password app mentioned above, Bitwarden has a free version available for an unlimited time, which does its job very well. It can be used as a password generation tool when you are stuck finding new and powerful variations. Apart from this, its features include storing your passwords, so you can stop worrying you will forget them or mix them up.

It is thought to be one of the most secure and reliable free options of its kind, thanks to its available features, such as unlimited storage space and multiple device synchronization. Although it cannot compare to what paid plans have to offer, it still is a good and secure choice for both individuals and companies.


If you need a free password protection app, but you don’t need to secure more than 50 passwords at once, Dashlane could be what you need. It employs the same strategy as 1Password, meaning that you will be able to encrypt all passwords with a single key.

In addition to this, Dashlane is an app that lets you manage your passwords as it doesn’t keep any identifiable information on the company’s servers. For some people, this is a preferred feature as it gives them a sense of control and privacy. Not to mention that the app has seen an incredible improvement in recent years in how it can secure your data. Dashlane is wary of the dark web and can detect when personal data has been accessed, letting you know of this in case you might need to change any account details.

Moreover, if you want to go for the premium plan, there are certain benefits that might be right up your alley, such as a VPN service included in the price.


If you are acquainted with VPN services, you might have already heard about this relatively new app that can provide security for passwords, known as NordPass, the younger sibling of NordVPN. Reviews so far state that it has an easy-to-use interface and a lot of features with great potential.

NordPass is compatible with all devices or browsers, so its functions can work well regardless of the device or operating system you use. This is ideal as it doesn’t limit new possible users if they choose to download this app. NordPass can work as a password generation app, and besides securely storing your accounts’ passcodes, this app safely protect your credit card details or other information you have on your phone, and you need it locked with a key.

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