Sports cars are an impressive type of automobile to own. They are loved for their stylish appearance, and they have a powerful presence when seen on the road. While they aren’t the most practical car for everyday drivers, they are the dream car for a lot of car enthusiasts.

It is believed that only 2.8% of drivers in America own a sports car. However, with those that do own a sports car, there seems to be a common trend. Certain sports cars are purchased more than others.

In this article, we will discuss the most popular cars that you can find in the United States. 

What Is A Sports Car?

Before we started talking about which are the most popular sports cars in the United States, we thought we would quickly run down what a sports car is. This way you will know how to differentiate a regular car from a sports car. 

A sports car is a vehicle that is built with a focus on dynamic performance, including acceleration, handling, top speed, and racing prowess. Sports cars were created in Europe in the first half of the nineteenth century. However, today they are being made by numerous manufacturers all over the world.

Different Sports Cars Out There

Over the years there have been various sports cars created by extremely popular brands. When we talk about sports cars we are referring to brands like Ferrari, Jaguar, Toyota, and BMW.

Most car brands out there have had a hand in creating their own sports cars over the years. However, certain brands have succeeded more successfully than others and created a range of sports cars. 

Alfio Capicollo from YourSydneyMate explains that it is difficult not to dive “into brands such as BMW or Mercedes as their offering is so vast.” Since they offer so much you need to focus on particular elements to see what makes each model different and possibly better. 

Popular Sports Cars In The US

Around the world, certain sports cars are more popular than others. At YourSydneyMate, they have completed a data study, where they looked at the popularity of sports cars in each state. 

Alfio Capicollo from YourSydneyMate notes that there is a broad range of sports cars being chosen. Each state has its own popular sports cars.

In Alabama, the most popular sports car is the KIA Stinger, yet in Delaware, the most popular sports car is the BMW i8. For Arizona, their top sports car is the Audi R8, and for Florida, it is the Ferrari Roma. 

From this data study, it is clear that each state has its preferences. Overall, Audi appears to be the most popular sports car brand across all the states, with different models being picked. The most popular Audi sports car that comes up in this study is the Audi R8.

In addition to this, the BMW i8 is another top pick from this study. Georgia, Delaware, and Arizona all picked this car as one of their top 3 choices. While California picked the BMW M3. 

Therefore, the most popular sports cars in the United States include:

  • Audi R8,
  • BMW i8,
  • Ferrari Roma, 
  • KIA Stinger, 
  • Dodge Challenger.

Other cars were mentioned in this study, but these were the cars that appeared the most often.

The Future Of Sports Cars

There are a lot of sports cars out on the market. We are beginning to see the rise of electric sports cars which could shake the sports car world. 

As more people are becoming aware of their car’s impact on the environment, they wish to own more environmentally friendly cars. Thus, sports car manufacturers need to adapt to their customer’s changing needs. 

Sports cars from Tesla for example could become a lot more popular as more people seek an environmentally friendly sports car. Furthermore, another option is that we could start to see hybrid sports cars. This would please traditionalists and those who want an eco-friendly car.

The future of sports cars is unknown, but we are sure that the sports car industry will be able to keep up with all the changes. 


A lot of people wish they could own their own sports cars. Within the US, certain sports cars are more popular than others. Each state has its preferences, but as a whole, the Audi R8 and BMW i8 are the two most popular cars.

We hope this article has helped you understand the most popular sports cars in the US.