Real Name:David Scott Simon
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:American Journalist, Husband of Alison Stern-Berns

David Scott Simon is a journalist. But fun fact: There are two journalists with the name David Scott Simon. One is a renowned American journalist and author of the Weekend Edition radio news magazine. And the other is the husband to Alison Berns. Today, we will talk about the latter. How much is David Scott Simon’s cash flow?

David Scott Simon is famous for his marriage to Alison Berns. He looks like a good guy. There is not much info about his life. We do know that he married Alison the moment she got a divorce from Howard Stern.

Gepostet von Alison Berns Stern Simon am Montag, 27. Mai 2019

Career and Life Journey

Born in 1954, David Scott Simon is close to the age of his wife. He got married to Alison in 2001, shortly after she got a divorce from Howard Stern. The two started dating and got married in a controllable manner of time. But there were rumors of something more. It looked like the situation was boiling inside.

They do not have children of their own. Alison, on the other hand, has three kids from her previous marriage to Howard Stern. Their names are Emily Beth Stern, Deborah Jennifer, and Ashley Jade.

Alison had a rough time before meeting David. A marriage with Howard Stern is not all milk and honey. Howard does everything to the extreme, and that often means sexual connotations toward other females. She kept forgiving him after dozens of humiliating speeches and radio shows.

When Alison and David met, there were rumors that they had an affair. And the rumors kept spreading. People thought they had an affair long before the divorce.

But the accusations never got any far. And after a while, the press left them as pure speculation. But the strange thing is how Alison quickly got over Howard. Stern, on the other hand, had a tougher time. He admitted several times he had trouble coping with the divorce. Mainly because he knew he messed it up.

Net Worth

David Scott Simon is a journalist. But not the one winning multiple awards. He is just a modest, everyday-life person. That means he doesn’t have wealth like the more famous journalist.

There is no info on the cash flow of David Scott Simon. We know, however, the fortune of his wife. Alison Berns worked as a psychoanalyst before her marriage to Howard Stern. During that marriage, she appeared in a few of his shows. But she then continued working as a psychoanalyst.

Following the divorce, she got a portion of Stern’s wealth. Her cash flow is more than $20 million. But we do not know anything about David Scott Simon’s fortune.