Essay writing can be a strenuous task, but it does not necessarily have to be the one where you have no clue about how to even begin. The essay writing service depends on what kind of essay you have been assigned. In simpler terms whether it is a formal essay or an informal one.

Differentiating this difference would lead you towards the next steps of essay writing. A formal essay could be an academic one assigned to you by your teachers, or could be an abridged form of your research. It has to have a proper framework, an idea, title, what will be the argument, the cases and evidences you would be presenting with regards to the topic and argument.

Such type of essays is called as argumentative essays and expository essays, where the information deliverance is based on providing evidences and building the case. On the contrary, an informal essay is the one where there is no limitation on how the writing would be carried. It could be on anything, any personal opinion, or could have a humorous touch. This category of essays consists of narrative essays and descriptive essays that follow are creative way of writing consisting of emotive or descriptive language. Now that you are aware of what type of essay you would be writing, let’s move further to the basic framework of an essay writing.

The Basic Structure of an Essay

You have completed the stages of getting a topic and differentiating between the way of the writing. Now coming towards the writing stage, it consists of three basic formations called as the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. The introduction consists of crux of the whole idea being presented in the essay that starts from a general idea or perspective and move towards the specific context on which you are talking, just like a top-down approach. You begin the discussion by the introduction of your topic, the methodology on which you would carry the work further, describing all the main ideas.

The deal is to cover these things in a concise way by making the work prominent in a paragraph or two. Then comes the main body of the essay that consists of several paragraphs in which arguments are constructed section wise. A discussion is developed within these sections, in which the literature is given. These sections also consist a comprehensive knowledge giving evidences, as well as relevant examples and quotes. Then comes the concluding section that takes the debate back from specific to a general format. In this phase a final structure is formulated that re-summarizes the points and arguments while gives the significance of what you have studied and the research you carried along with its limitations. These processes formulate the essay writing in a good manner, and if you do not feel like doing any of this on your own or you are short of time, then you can get the help of a professional write providing with essay writing services.