Going off to college is a pivotal moment in every student’s life. It marks the change from being a child to being an adult. With this new-found freedom come decisions to make, which may dictate how much the student enjoys their college life. We will assume that the students have done their homework on what course of study to take so this article will deal with other less considered but equally important choices.

Where to study

You may have a prestigious university smack bang in the middle of your city. There are lots of positives about this. You won’t need to lose touch with friends you have grown up with up, you know the city like the back of your hand, and you are probably still enjoying the free full-service hotel experience of living with your parents. Room service? Check. Laundry? Check. The cost? Ahhhh free…

There’s no such thing as a free lunch

However, things might not be as free as you like. Staying in your hometown to study can be a major mistake. All those friends you can’t bear to leave may in fact be leaving you, as they go off to study in other states. While they are making new friends and having a totally new experience, you are reliving the glory days of your high school life. You may say that it’s far cheaper to live with your parents, but there is still a cost. As great as they are, your parents may always treat you as a child, especially when you are living under their roof. This is fine when you are twelve, but when you are twenty-one?

Where to live

Let’s assume you have decided to broaden your horizons and have chosen to study in another city or state. You have some options when it comes to where to live. You could of course choose a dorm. Think dark, cramped and old, and you probably have it down. Add in a room mate who gives you no privacy and enjoys leaving half eaten bowls of Cheerios around and the picture is complete. What’s not to love?!

Shared flat

An alternative option to the dorm is a shared flat or house with other university students, but there are some downsides. While in your mind, it’s going to be like an episode of Friends, in reality you could be sharing with people you barely know and don’t much care for. Privately owned student houses and flats also tend to be badly maintained. You might be studying French Lit, but do you really want to be living the story of Les Misérables? It might seem romantic to live the life of a bohemian student but freezing to death in a damp apartment gets old very quickly.

Student Apartments

Students these days are lucky – imagine being able to live in a new, purpose-built apartment by yourself with everything you might need. Imagine a life where you don’t have to wait for the bathroom, or wash other people’s dirty dishes? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Campus apartments are springing up across the country to address the demand for high quality private accommodation for students to live and thrive. Many come equipped with white goods such as washing machines, dryers, and fridge freezers, so you will get a real taste of adulting. If you find living alone too well… lonely, there are different set ups including multi-bedroom apartments. Some even have access to a private gym, club house, tanning facility and so on… Actually, that sounds good – when can I move in?

Your college life is an exciting time and should be enjoyed. Make your decisions wisely about where to study and where to live and the rest should fall into place. If not now, then when?