Derek Tisdelle – Everything You Need To Know About Michelle Morgan’s Supportive Husband

We all know Hollywood is a big place. There is enough room for celebrities of all kinds and types. You can be a famous actor, famous director, singer, athlete, or one that has married a …

Real Name:Derek Tisdelle
Birthday:May 5,1980
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Canadian Producer, Investor, Husband of Michelle Morgan

We all know Hollywood is a big place. There is enough room for celebrities of all kinds and types. You can be a famous actor, famous director, singer, athlete, or one that has married a celebrity. There are many celebrities in Hollywood that are famous because they are in a relationship with a big name. Well, that is the case with Derek Tisdelle as well.

This guy is famous for being the husband of Michelle Morgan, the popular Canadian actress, writer, and producer that portrayed Samantha in the CBC series Heartland. You might not know much about Derek. Here is a fun fact: he is also a film producer and investor by profession.

While he has a decent career by himself, most media outlets portray him as the husband of Canadian actress Michelle Morgan.

Let’s talk more about the celebrity spouse, shall we?

Who Is His Wife?

Born in July 1981, Michelle is a Canadian actress, producer, director, and writer. She is famous for her role in the CBS TV series Heartland.

Born in Calgary, she grew up in Toronto and Vancouver. Michele studied theatre and classical literature at the University of Toronto. After graduation, she went on to pursue a career in theatre and film. Morgan has five siblings, three older and two younger.

The Canadian famous actress made her debut on television with a small role, portraying Rebecca in the 1999 television film, Road Rage. Then, in 2005, she portrayed the character of Onyangos Tochter in an episode of Die Patriarchin.

Things changed for the famous actress in 2007 when she landed the role of Samantha Louise in the television series Heartland. Playing Lou completely changed her life. In 2018, she found her own film business, Medano Films.

In 2017, she collaborated with Stephen Amell, who was part of her first short film, Mi Madre, My Father. Her debut film debuted at Cannes Film Festival, Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival, and the Vancouver Short Film Festival.

Nowadays, Michelle is known as an advocate for women’s rights and has volunteered at women’s shelters across Canada.

Quick Bio

Now that we get to know Derek’s wife, let’s talk about his early life, educational background, and professional career.

According to reports, he was born and raised in Canada. While he is of Canadian ancestry, his ethnic origins are unknown.

Born in May 1980, he is 43 years of age as of May 2023. According to reports, he is a film producer and investor.

While his wife Michelle is well-known in the film industry, Derek is a small-time producer. His spouse has more than 20 years of experience as an actress, and several years of experience as a movie producer.

Marriage To Michelle

Derek and Michelle have been married for more than 10 years. The couple tied the knot on June 30, 2012. Before that, they dated for a few years. The two have been quite secretive regarding their romance before eventually tying the knot.

We do know they have two children together. The happy couple welcomed their first daughter, named Mara Carmen Tisdelle, in April 2011. Soon after, or two years later, in September 2013, they welcomed their son, Noah Santiago Tisdelle.

Michelle is the one who shares photos and videos of her children on social media. She also shares images of her life with Derek Tisdelle on social media. For example, on June 30, 2019, she took to Instagram to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary with her husband.

In that post, she shared a photo with her husband and their daughter Mara Carmen Tisdelle, captioning it with, “Happy 7th anniversary Derek”.

The famous actress was 32 years of age when she became a mother for the second time, giving birth to her son Noah Santiago Tisdelle.


Derek Is A Supportive Husband

When you are a celebrity spouse, one of your most important tasks is to provide emotional support. And that is what Derek does every day for his lovely wife.

Michelle remains stuck to her busy schedule almost every day. She is a famous actress, producer, and writer. On top of that, she has to take care of two children and manage her marriage.

But thanks to her affectionate husband, Derek Tisdelle, things are easier. She says her husband has been very supportive of her career choice. In one interview, Morgan stated that she doesn’t have to give more time at home to raise their children because Derek helps a lot.

While she says Derek is a supportive husband, she rarely talks about him in interviews. And that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him. It is just Derek is quite secretive and doesn’t want to be part of the media craziness.

On those rare occasions that she talks about her husband, Morgan raves about his support. She says she never has never had to allocate her time for their children and other household work. That is one of the main reasons for her prosperous acting career.

Is He On Social Media?

We mentioned Derek is quite secretive and private. He doesn’t use social media and rarely even makes public appearances. He is supportive at home, but he rarely appears at red-carpet events with his wife. This is why fans are almost unaware of his lifestyle.

With that in mind, his wife is quite active on social media. For example, she recently published a post regarding Heartland. The crew finished filming Season 16.

So, Morgan wrote, “Had my final day on set for Season 16. Back home now. It’s always a bit tricky getting used to things when the season ends. I LOVE being home with my family, but I also miss the excitement and energy of filming. So glad that my favorite people were in my last scene of the year”.

Michelle has more than 430k followers on her Instagram account.

Net Worth

Now let’s talk about net worth of the famous actress and her husband Derek Tisdelle. You might think that because he is the stay-at-home dad that takes care of the household, he doesn’t contribute financially.

But that is wrong. As we said before, Derek is a small-time film producer and investor. He tries to contribute to the household as much as he can. Granted, that is not much. And because he is so secretive, his actual net worth, salary, and earnings are unknown. He has not disclosed any information about his finances.

Based on his profession, we can assume he earns a respectable amount of money. But his wife, on the other hand, is the one who brings the money to the household. She is a wealthy woman with more than $2 million in net worth as of May 2023. And with her career only going up, we can assume that number is going to increase.

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