Be it, man or woman, who needs a reason to buy shoes?

A killer pair of heels can make any outfit go from a five to an eleven. You can agree that buying shoes is a guilty pleasure. However, how many times were you able to wear all of your footwear?

Moreover, if you want to revamp your closet, then you have come to the right place. Now, focus on essentials first, like women’s boots, and then you can splurge on other shiny heels. Keep reading to know more.

White sneakers

Not only can good white sneakers make you look cool, but they’re also very comfortable to wear. When you want to look nice for a simple hangout with friends or a picnic date, you always go for a pair of good white sneakers.

However, the only problem would be their maintenance. They’re bound to get dirty quickly. So, you might want to clean them as soon as you come back home.

Classic pumps

What do you prefer more, black or nude? Well, the benefit of them both is that you can pair them with almost any outfit. No matter what the occasion is, you can never go wrong with classic pumps. You can select different styles and prints, but don’t go overboard as a trendy pair now might become useless once the trend is over.


So, knee-high or ankle-length boots? That’s a trick question. The correct answer is both. You can either get them with heels, raised platforms, or basic flats. It all depends on the comfort level you want. Most celebs opt for simple black thigh-high boots as they never go out of style. Do not miss out the best deal on the best cowboy boots from the tecovas.

Ballerina flats

When you wear flats, it becomes a tad bit difficult to make them look put together. However, all things boil down to nice and decent-looking ballerina flats. You need them in your closet as they look great with almost every clothing item. Many people keep them handy in their office as they have to run around in heels all day long.

Comfy slides

A pair of nice-looking slides can never fail you. Regardless of your age, you need one in your closet. They can become essential if you stay near beachy locations or like to travel. Additionally, they are handy and look cute when you have to run a last-minute errand.

Strappy sandals

Girls generally don’t realize why they love strappy heels so much. They can easily make you look hot and sleek. If you get a nice print or something blingy, then they can become your statement heels. That’s all you need to make your plain LBD completely different.

Loafers or mules

You might wonder, why do you need another pair of flats since you already have ballerina flats? They are considered to be a chicer version of flats. Most of them are so comfortable that it feels like you’re walking on clouds. You can start with black ones if you want to try them out.