It might sound like something out of a fright flick, but a New Moon could affect your mood if you’re not aware of the signs. Subtle changes in your emotional health, sleep patterns and biological rhythms could possibly cause you to drift in and out of an unpredictable disposition. A psychic reading can help you stay in balance if you feel somewhat less anchored during this time.

Remaining mindful of how you feel when the Moon travels between the Earth and the Sun can help you overcome negative energy that might arise from this particular celestial arrangement. These are some signs that the New Moon may be affecting you.

Changes in Your Cardiovascular System

Several male university students participated in a research study to discover how the Moon could affect their cardiovascular systems. The research showed the participants experienced a 5 mm Hg blood pressure drop during the New Moon’s lunar phase. The study also included a step test during this time that showed lower heart rates in addition to a reduction in blood pressure. They returned to normal quickly while the Moon was moving in full or new phases.

Alterations in Your Emotional Well-Being

Sudden swings in feelings such as anger, apprehension and sadness may be caused by the New Moon. Researchers studied 17 patients with bipolar disorder and discovered that their mood changes coincided with the Moon’s gravitational pull. During each 29.5-day period of the New Moon’s lunar cycle, some of the patients’ moods appeared to shift rapidly and drastically.

An Unexpected Effect on Your Love Life

If the New Moon is going to have an effect on you, it may be a good idea to be prepared for any possible destabilization of your physical and mental demeanor. This may or may not be the best time to begin searching for a romantic soulmate. If you’re feeling uncertain about an existing or blossoming relationship, look into some California psychics reviews to find an experienced guide who can provide advice on how to proceed.

A Disruption of Normal Sleep Patterns

The New Moon means there’s less light at night because the Moon’s unlit side is facing the Earth. You may find yourself sleeping longer during this time. An abrupt change in your resting habits could, however, bring about a noticeable difference in your demeanor. You may begin to feel somewhat “out of sync” while carrying on your daily routines.

An Unexpected Surge or Release of Anxiety

For some individuals, a New Moon may develop into an urge to act outrageously and release pent-up emotions held in since the previous lunar cycle. If this is how you’re feeling, you may need to sort out any problems or negative energy blockages before the Moon’s next turn.

You may also discover a surge in motivation and prefer to stay inside, practice self-care and reflect on your life’s direction during a New Moon cycle. If you begin worrying excessively about your future path, a California psychics tarot card reading can offer guidance in conquering your anxiety. Soothing your frame of mind and coming full circle to connect with your natural state of being could prove to be the essence of your New Moon cycle.