Does CBD for Dogs Work – The Benefits of CBD for Dogs

CBD is one of the most remarkable natural compounds that has proven very effective for inflammation and joint pain. According to numerous research, CBD can slow down the cell growth of cancer and tumors. It …


CBD is one of the most remarkable natural compounds that has proven very effective for inflammation and joint pain. According to numerous research, CBD can slow down the cell growth of cancer and tumors.

It is important to mention here that CBD is not toxic, and it doesn’t induce the psychological high since it is the non-intoxicating hemp of the cannabis plant. CBD cannot get your dog(s) high – and to get your pet the best results you just have to dose them correctly.

The psychoactive effects of CBD come from THC only, so basically, reputable CBD for dogs products won’t get your pet high but simply relax with the added health benefits many humans experience from  their own CBD products.

How does CBD impact dogs?

Just as humans, dogs also house an endocannabinoid system as an essential part of their immune system, running throughout the body. This system is replete with receptors that connect to the cannabinoids in the CBD that is given to the dog, which stimulates all kinds of changes in the dog’s body which benefits your pet in countless ways.

CBD induces fast results. Usually, you can anticipate signs of improvement in the initial days of administering CBD to your pet. CBD decreases stress and separation anxiety in dogs. Its relaxing effects also reduce nervousness to enable your dog to be relaxed and calm.

What are the benefits of CBD for dogs?

1. Reduces Arthritis

If your dog is suffering from arthritis, you will find CBD quite useful as it reduces the impacts of arthritis and improves your dog’s mobility. CBD also helps hydrate the skin of your dog. If your pet has joint pain and inflammation, CBD can help you curb these, as numerous studies are backing up this benefit of the herb.

2. Reduce Skin Rashes

Dogs can also develop skin rashes, which can cause irritation and itching. CBD can reduce irritation and itching. CBD oil can also restore the softness and shine in a dog’s coat. If your dog has stopped consuming food lately, he might have lost his appetite. By including a few drops of CBD oil in your dog’s food, you can restore his appetite.

3. Keeps Your Dog Relaxed

Besides keeping your dog relaxed and calm, you can use CBD oil to improve your dog’s mental clarity and improve his alertness. Furthermore, CBD also improves your dog’s gastrointestinal health. In case of cancer or tumor, CBD is essential for canine cancer pain management.

4. Helps with Post-Surgery Recovery

If your dog has gone through some surgery, CBD can prove helpful in post-surgery recovery. Most importantly, if your dog has gone through a serious battle of life, CBD can provide pain relief and comfort in the last days of life.

5. Aids Weight Loss

Dogs can get obese too, and CBD is helpful in weight loss. While CBD is not a supplement for fat-burning, it is quite helpful in promoting weight loss by suppressing the dog’s appetite. According to recent research, CBD can be used as an indirect source of breaking down fat in your dog.

6. Treats Phobias

Some dogs have phobias, such as fireworks and thunderstorm phobias. If your dog experiences the same, you can use CBD or CBD oil to help your dog calm down and curb anxiety and nervousness. The best aspect of CBD is that it has no known side effects, which is why it is safe for your dog (and your cat).

7. Boosts Your Dog’s Energy

There have also been reports about renewed energy, alertness, and improved playfulness, especially in older dogs with reduced anxiety and more calmness, better appetite, and the subsequent reduced use of prescribed drugs by the vet.

8. CBD – Highly Encouraged

You may even notice that once your dog starts to experience the positive effects of CBD, they will happily encourage you for more CBD. If your dog has trust issues and doesn’t allow you to get near its mouth, you might want to add CBD to its food. You will see a massive improvement in your dog’s demeanor, and you will also see that your pet will be eager for you to administer CBD drops directly into the mouth.

How to Administer CBD to Your Dog?

The administration of CBD depends on the strength needed. You might want to have it in the 350 to 500mg range (per bottle) for your pet. You can dispense CBD in your dog’s food or place the drops directly under the dog’s tongue. Besides, make sure that you only use organic CBD for your dog. It is recommended to administer CBD by placing the drops underneath the dog’s tongue because this way, CBD gets directly into the bloodstream instead of getting consumed through food, which means that your dog’s liver will have to filter some of its effectiveness.

Understandably, it is only natural to be skeptical about the potential benefits of CBD for your dog, much of which has to do with the social stigma associated with cannabis. Rest assured, many dog owners have reported that within the first few days of administering CBD to their dogs, their dog’s arthritic, limping, and other illnesses greatly improved. They moved with more freedom and had way less pain.

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