Does Silence Make A Man Miss You? We’ve Got The Answer

So, when does a man start missing you? Will silence make him miss you more? You have probably heard about the “no contact” rule and theory. Does it work? How can you apply it to …


So, when does a man start missing you? Will silence make him miss you more? You have probably heard about the “no contact” rule and theory. Does it work? How can you apply it to your current relationship? Can you use it to get back with your ex? Well, we have all the answers. Let’s start with does silence make a man miss you?

Well, the short answer is YES. It is one of the most effective strategies for getting your man back. But it is not as easy as you think. You have to execute it perfectly. Otherwise, the “no contact” theory will not work for you.

The most challenging part is acting strong and leaving him alone. How does the total radio silence work? Let’s take a look. The most important part is to maintain silence. Otherwise, you take everything back to square one.

Why the No Contact Rule Works?

Here are a couple of reasons why silence works. If you want to know does silence make a man miss you, we told you the short answer is yes. And here is why.

Silence creates a feeling of losing

One of the strongest emotions in men is when they feel they lose something. That feeling causes them to worry. As long as they feel they have you, they do not worry. But the moment your man feels the fear of losing you, then it starts causing problems in his head. This constant fear produces a trigger that haunts him.

He breaks his routine habits

We are all creatures of habits. We do things our way. And that starts from our morning cup of coffee to our evening rituals. For men, that might include talking to his woman on a daily basis. But when you break this habit, you make him feel anxious.

He will assess all previous incidents

When you radio silence him, it makes him wonder. Has he done something wrong? Has he said something? He will go over all previous arguments in his head. And he will assess the outcome and the incidents.

This analysis might help him understand what he did wrong, and how he can improve the relationship.


Creates uncertainty

This is one of the most desirable aspects. It makes him think. Attraction and uncertainty go hand in hand. Going radio silence will build uncertainty in your guy. He will start asking questions like “Does she like me?” And that will make him work harder than before.

Realizes his addiction

This is the final step in the process. After a while, your man will realize his addiction to you. We’ve heard the saying before. You never know what you have until you lose it. And that happens in relationships as well. We do not appreciate the meaning of people until we lose it. Your silence makes him understand that.

How to accomplish a successful radio silence strategy?

Avoid communication

It is hard to avoid communication with someone you miss. But it is the first and most important step. You want him to miss you. And for that, you have to stop communication. Do not call him. Cut off contact. That is rule Number 1. It is super hard, but you can get there.


Let him wait for return of calls and texts

Once you stop calling him, he might start to call you and text you. But do not answer immediately. Even if you wait to hear from him for a long time.

Responding instantly creates the perception you waited for him and stood by your phone. You do not want that.

End the conversation

When you eventually return his call, make sure you hang up the phone. You need to terminate the communication. This will make him want to hear you again. Call you again. Play hard to get as much as possible.

Restrict use of social media

When he cannot reach you on the phone, he might go over your social media and see what happens there. But you can stop using social media for a short period. Do not post as frequently as you did. Or stop posting at all.

Add intrigue to the experience

This works mostly for people in a relationship. Do not reveal everything about yourself in the first few dates. Create mystery. Add intrigue. For example, you can start a story, but do not tell it to the very end. Or hide some details. He will want to know more. He will try to find out more.

As for intrigue, you can do the following. Let him pick you up for a dinner or movie. And then, ditch those plans and do something else.

Leave some stuff behind

This works for people in a relationship as well. Leave a tiny object in his house or car. A hair clip, an earring, or something similar. Of course, don’t go over the head with a toothbrush. That signals you’ve moved in. You want something that will remind him of you, but in a good way.

Leave him terrified

People always desire something they cannot get. If he can get you at any moment, he will lose interest. Make him fight for you. Make him feel terrified of losing you. Let him deserve every bit of love from you.


How long does it take for him to miss you?

So, now that we answered does silence make a man miss you, let’s move on to the next problem. How long does it take?

Well, there is no specific time frame. There are many factors that play a role here. How long were you two together? How did the relationship end?

You do not want your ex to contact you after a day or two. That is just pure stubbornness on his side and arrogance. If you want him to learn his lesson, miss you, and fight for you, leave a bit more time.

The most important part here is to stay prepared. You need to know what to say. When he contacts you, try to stay warm, welcoming, and focused on the future. It will create a healing environment for a second chance.

How to tell if he misses you or not?

This is one of the most important parts of the strategy. You can start it, but you need to know does it work or not.

The good news is you can easily find out. But you need to keep your cool and remain silent. Provide him with the space he needs and wants. And he will return to you.

His return will signal you that he missed you. It will provide you the opportunity to heal together and move into a new phase of the relationship.

You will know he missed you when he starts showing interest again. Usually, it starts small. For example, likes and comments on social media. Or just watching your stories without commenting. Stay patient.

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