In modern day America, we are always told we can have it all – a successful career, a loving family and a house people dream of. But is it true in reality? Most Americans will spend around a third of their life at work, and with the financial pressures of modern life both parents may work. Some people even take on extra hours at a side job to give their family the lifestyle they want. In this article we will discuss how to free up time to make your quality time better.

1. You probably have more free time than you realise

The average American individual has around five hours of free time a day, with men having a little more, and women a little less. Of this, most Americans spend around ninety minutes a day on domestic chores. It sounds like it could be a perfect work-life balance with people able to enjoy hobbies and socialising after work as well as looking after their families.

2. But is it quality time?

Most people claim they do not have enough free time in their lives, especially if they work full time and have a family. The truth is after a day of giving it 100% at work, commuting home, feeding the kids, helping with homework and so on, most adults feel completely drained and incapable of doing anything other than collapsing in front of the TV.

3. How can you free up more time?

One of the best ways of making more time for yourself is getting organised. If the kids are old enough, can they prepare their own packed lunches the night before school? Likewise, the earlier your kids learn to put away their clothes and tidy their rooms, the better. It’s a life skill we all need. Another great hack is to “clean as you go” making sure you tidy up after each task so that the house stays in a good state of cleanliness. If you have a workable system, you will find that all those chores get done more smoothly, freeing up time for you to do something you enjoy.

4. Delegate

Every family has different ways of dividing up chores in the house, but if you feel it’s not being evenly split, it might be time for a family meeting. It’s important that everyone feels valued in the family and that everyone is making an equal contribution. There is an argument for outsourcing work which either you are not very skilled at, or you just do not have time to do properly. Even though some people have a second side job, they might choose to outsource their house cleaning or laundry to a professional. This can work well when you can never face doing a deep clean once a week, and yet you feel dissatisfied that your house is well… a bit under par. Check out a cleaning service near you to see whether the investment might free up valuable quality time for you and your family.

5. Make time for yourself

Just as your day is scheduled to complete all the things you need in the house and at work, you should also schedule time for yourself. Making regular time for a date night is important for hardworking couples with a young family. Likewise, time to have an uninterrupted long bath, or spend an hour reading, working out or doing a hobby can give your routine the balance it needs.