Drew Ann Reid: Unveiling The Life Of Andy Reid’s Younger Daughter

Drew Ann Reid has gained attention as the daughter of Kansas City Chiefs head coach, Andy Reid, and his wife, Tammy Reid. Born in 1992, she is one of five children, including her siblings Garrett, …

Real Name:Drew Ann Reid
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Occupation:Daughter of Andy Reid

Drew Ann Reid has gained attention as the daughter of Kansas City Chiefs head coach, Andy Reid, and his wife, Tammy Reid. Born in 1992, she is one of five children, including her siblings Garrett, Britt, Crosby, and Spencer. The Reid family is known for their strong involvement in the world of football, with some following in their father’s footsteps professionally.

Drew Ann completed her high school education at Harriton High School and later enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At the university, she majored in Kinesiology, showcasing her interest and dedication to sports and fitness. Apart from her studies, Drew Ann has maintained a relatively private life, avoiding the spotlight often associated with her famed father.

In her personal life, Drew Ann Reid is married to Devin Woodhouse, a strength and conditioning coach. Together, they have two children, Blake and Reid, ensuring that the Reid legacy continues to grow. Despite her connections to the football world, Drew Ann has managed to balance a private life with her passion for sports and athletics.

Early Life and Education


Drew Ann Reid, born in 1992, is the daughter of NFL coach Andy Reid and his wife, Tammy Reid. As a member of the Reid family, she has two sisters and two brothers. Drew Ann grew up within an esteemed family that has been devoted to football for a significant amount of time.

Education at Brigham Young University

After completing her high school education at Harriton High School, Drew Ann pursued her higher education at Brigham Young University. At the university, she chose to major in Kinesiology, a field which aligns well with her family’s commitment to football and sports in general. Kinesiology focuses on the study of human movement, performance, and physical activity, making it an ideal choice for someone coming from a background of sports and athletics.

During her time at Brigham Young University, Drew Ann was an active member of the community, engaging in various extracurricular activities and maintaining ties with the church. BYU, as a religious institution, fosters a strong sense of connection with the church and encourages its students to be active members.

In summary, Drew Ann Reid’s early life and education reflect her deep-rooted connection to not only her family but also to sports and her faith community at Brigham Young University.

Personal Life

Family Background

Drew Ann Reid is one of five children born to Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and his wife, Tammy Reid. Born in 1992, Drew Ann grew up in the esteemed Reid family, which included her father who is a well-known figure in the NFL. She completed her education at Harriton High School.

Marriage with Devin Woodhouse

In her personal life, Drew Ann Reid is married to Devin Woodhouse, a strength and conditioning coach for FC Dallas. The couple shares a strong bond and supports each other’s careers.

Children and Motherhood

Drew Ann and Devin are proud parents to two children, Blake and Reid. As a mother, Drew Ann is dedicated to providing a nurturing and loving environment for her children, while also maintaining her privacy and staying away from the limelight.

Spiritual Affiliations

Both Drew Ann and her husband are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church. Their faith plays an important role in their lives, shaping their values, and guiding their family choices.

Professional Path

Career Developments

Drew Ann Reid, born in 1992, is the daughter of famous NFL coach Andy Reid. Although there is limited information available about her professional life, her involvement in the world of sports, particularly football, is evident due to her family background. As her father has a highly successful career in coaching, including stints in Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, and Green Bay Packers, it is plausible that she took an early interest in football and its related fields.

Engagement in Football

It is known that Drew Ann completed her higher education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she majored in Kinesiology. This area of study focuses on the mechanics and physiology of human movement, which has a direct connection to sports, performance, and athletic training. Having such an academic background and strong family ties to football, it’s possible that Drew Ann has been involved in various aspects of football, particularly behind the scenes, where she could contribute to her father’s teams or other organizations in the sport.

Strength and Conditioning Roles

Considering her educational background in kinesiology, Drew Ann Reid is well-equipped for roles related to strength and conditioning, which are essential for football athletes. In the NFL, the assistant strength and conditioning coach is a crucial position that plays a significant part in maintaining and improving players’ physical abilities while reducing the risk of injury.

While specific details about Drew Ann Reid’s professional role within football or her experiences as a strength and conditioning coach remain undisclosed, her unique position as Andy Reid’s daughter, combined with her education in kinesiology, suggests that she might have been involved in these areas while being connected to the world of football.

Family Tragedies

Garrett Reid’s Untimely Death

The Reid family has experienced significant challenges over the years, particularly in dealing with the tragic death of Garrett Reid, one of Drew Ann Reid’s siblings. Garrett struggled with drug addiction for a long time and faced multiple arrests for possession and distribution of controlled substances. Tragically, Garrett’s battle with addiction led to his untimely death in 2012 at the age of 29. He was found deceased in his dorm room during a Philadelphia Eagles training camp due to an accidental heroin overdose. This devastating event brought tremendous grief to the family, highlighting the impact of addiction and its consequences.

Britt Reid’s Legal Issues

Another difficult situation for Drew Ann Reid’s family revolves around the significant legal issues encountered by her brother, Britt Reid. Britt has faced multiple charges over the years, including being arrested for felony gun and drug charges in 2007. He was subsequently sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to these charges.

In 2021, Britt experienced another troubling incident involving a car accident that left a young girl critically injured. Following the accident, police reported that Britt displayed signs of alcohol impairment, including bloodshot eyes and a moderate odor. The accident and subsequent legal proceedings put additional strain on the Reid family, who were still grappling with the grief and challenges from previous tragedies.

The Reid family’s story serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggles that many families face when confronted with addiction and the challenges that come with it. Despite these adversities, they continue to persevere and support each other in various aspects of their lives.

Public Presence

Social Media Engagement

Drew Ann Reid maintains a modest presence on various social media platforms. While she is not as active as some celebrities, she engages with her followers on both Facebook and Instagram. Her presence on these platforms offers fans an opportunity to catch a glimpse of her personal life and her interests.

On Facebook, Drew Ann shares updates, photos, and memories with her family, friends, and followers. On Instagram, she showcases glimpses into her day-to-day life, from casual outings to moments shared with her family.

Philanthropic Efforts

Helping others and giving back to the community is an essential facet of Drew Ann Reid’s life. Though her public presence might not be as high-profile as some philanthropists, she has continuously shown her commitment to making a positive impact in her community and beyond.

Drew Ann engages in various philanthropic initiatives, often supporting organizations and causes that align with her family’s values. While she is not as outspoken about her charitable work, she remains steadfast in her desire to contribute to a better world.

  • Family-focused charities: Being part of the Reid family, Drew Ann has often shown her support for charitable efforts that focus on improving family life and providing assistance to families in need.
  • Local community engagement: Drew Ann Reid not only supports large-scale philanthropic organizations but also extends her support to local community initiatives, actively participating in events and fundraisers.

Although she may not be as prominent in the world of philanthropy as some, Drew Ann Reid’s dedication to helping others and making a difference is clear. By leveraging her family’s connection to sports and her own social media presence, she continues to make a meaningful impact on the world around her.

Other Interests

Engagement in Sports

Drew Ann Reid, daughter of prominent football coach Andy Reid, has always shown a keen interest in sports. She particularly enjoys racquet sports, such as tennis and racquetball. Her passion for sports extends beyond just playing, as Drew has also taken an interest in the science behind athletic performance.

Health and Fitness Advocacy

Drew graduated from Utah Valley University, where she studied Exercise Science. This background has allowed her to develop a strong understanding of the fundamentals of health and fitness. As a result, Drew has become an advocate for promoting a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of regular physical activity.

She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), which demonstrates her expertise in designing and implementing strength and conditioning programs for athletes. Her dedication to fitness extends to her social media presence, where she actively engages with her followers by sharing her knowledge on various topics related to health, fitness, and sports performance.

In summary, Drew Ann Reid showcases her deep interest in sports and fitness through her engagement in various activities, her educational background in Exercise Science, and her role as a Health and Fitness Advocate. Her dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting others in their fitness journey is evident in her actions and online presence.

The Reid Football Legacy

Andy Reid’s Coaching Journey

Andy Reid, a highly respected NFL coach, started his coaching journey as a graduate assistant football coach for Brigham Young University (BYU) in 1982. He later served in various coaching positions for different college and NFL teams until he became the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999. During his 14-year tenure with the Eagles, Reid made remarkable progress, leading the team to multiple playoffs and an NFC Championship.

In 2013, Reid became the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Under his guidance, the Chiefs have consistently been a formidable team in the NFL. Notably, in the 2019 season, Reid led the Chiefs to victory in Super Bowl LIV, solidifying his place among the best coaches in the league.

Andy Reid’s impact on the NFL goes beyond his impressive win records. He has been instrumental in developing exceptional talents such as star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Moreover, with the recent accomplishments of the Chiefs, fans at Arrowhead Stadium have had plenty to cheer about during the AFC Championship games and the divisional round playoffs.

Some of the teams Reid has been involved with in AFC games include the Bengals and Jaguars, showcasing his wide-ranging influence on the league.

Reid Family Influence in the NFL

The Reid family’s influence in the NFL extends beyond the accomplishments of Andy Reid as a coach. His children have also made significant contributions to the sport. Spencer Reid, Andy’s youngest son, is currently the assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Colorado State football program. Following in his father’s footsteps, Spencer aims to establish his own legacy in the world of American football.

Drew Ann Reid, Andy Reid’s daughter, has also earned recognition due to her family’s prominence in the NFL. Although she has not pursued a career in professional football, her presence and support have undoubtedly contributed to her father’s success.

In conclusion, the Reid family has had a lasting and impressive impact on the NFL, overcoming challenges and creating a legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

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