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Acne can leave a sign more frustrating than the pimple. Just when you think that your acne is starting to heal, it leaves a mark on your skin. Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone, even …


Acne can leave a sign more frustrating than the pimple. Just when you think that your acne is starting to heal, it leaves a mark on your skin. Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone, even for those who keep their face clean.

Severe forms of inflammation, including cystic acne, are likely to leave permanent acne scars, so it is important to learn how to treat them properly. Fortunately, acne scars can be treated in no time with today’s revolutionary technology and better treatment procedures! Getting clear skin is easy to achieve thanks to such acne scar removal treatments like fractional laser Singapore. Continue reading to find out more about effective acne scar removal treatments.

Although there is no magic to help you get rid of these permanent marks overnight, there are ways to get rid of them.

Medical treatments

Home remedies might not be adequate to treat acne scars for others. Medical practitioners may prescribe different styles, depending on the condition of the individual’s skin and the severity of the acne scar.

Dermal filler

Dermatologists use fillers to plump depressed acne scars easily and securely. Dermal fillers can be produced in the form of patients’ own fat, collagen or other commercial fillers such as hyaluronic acid and polymethylmethacrylate. Dermatologists may in some cases suggest that soft tissue fillers be used to help minimize acne scars. In certain procedures, allergy tests are needed to ensure that the medication is safe and successful. Treatment of dermal fillers is suitable for atrophic scars.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment for acne scarring is a resurfacing procedure to dissolve the superficial skin layers to expose the underlying younger skin cells, which may also minimize the scar appearance. Laser treatment depends on the skin complexion and the condition of the scar. The treatment is unfortunately not suitable for everyone, especially for those with sensitive skin.


Microneedling is achieved by sticking small needles on the skin around the acne scar, which causes the body to create collagen. For most skin pigmentation therapies, collagen plays an enormous role. The resulting collagen helps to smooth out the surface of the skin to minimize the presence of scars. Microneedling can cause a certain number of side effects. There has been swelling, discomfort and redness in many individuals.

Home Remedies

A variety of therapies are available to help people treat their acne. These remedies can help to minimize acne scars.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid helps remove dead skin cells, dirt and other waste from clogging pores that can contribute to acne growth. This acid is a natural ingredient frequently used in acne products for skincare. Salicylic acid also helps to minimize redness and swelling of the infected region, so that the appearance of scarring can be minimized. This component can help you a lot in your daily skincare process, especially for those who are acne sufferers. For those individuals with sensitive skin, it is also recommended to test the product for discomfort and dryness in a specific area of the skin before using it all over their face.


Topical retinoids minimize acne damage, accelerate the regeneration of cells and prevent inflammation. The ability to remedy acne scars is also one of its benefits. With the retinoids’ lightning factors, even people who have darker skin complexion will easily lose hyperpigmented acne scars. Please be aware that retinoids can make the skin vulnerable to the rays of the sun and that sunscreen is advisable when you go outside.

AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids

AHAs can help to eliminate dead skin cells and prevent pores from getting blocked and developing acne. Medical practitioners can prescribe alpha Hydroxy Acids to treat and reduce the appearance of permanent acne scars. This form of acid is mild, which minimally scrapes off the outer skin surface to expose fresh and clean skin.

Lactic acid

Lactic acid is a gentle peel which removes dead skin cells. This acid helps to reduce the presence of scars and ease the overall texture of the skin. Lactic acid destroys dead skin cells and adds to the illumination of dark skin tissue. But it may cause hyperpigmentation in certain cases. It is advised to test products containing components of lactic acid on a small part of your skin before you use the product to treat acne scars if this occurs.

Some acne scar products include lactic acid. One reason why apple cider vinegar is said to heal acne and scars is that it contains lactic acid and a more natural and cost-effective option for the treatment of acne scars.

What Else Can I Do to Improve Skin Health?

Although not everyone is prepared to undergo the above treatments mentally and financially, there are some ways to improve your skin’s health:

  • Exfoliate regularly – Exfoliating prevents harmful and unnecessary substances from blocking your pores which can lead to acne.
  • Use a face mask: it is another perfect way to make your skin shine. Reward yourself with a weekly face mask. You may typically use a facial mask 1-3 times a week but depends on your skin’s product and type.
  • Don’t use hot water – Hot water can strip natural oils, causing drought and irritation. It can also cause the skin to look red but only briefly.

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