All manufacturing companies, regardless of the sector in which they operate, must be able to meet the needs of their customers, who have always demanded efficient and high-quality products. For some time now, a third factor has been added to these two: sustainability.

Electricity and telecommunications markets are no stranger to these demands. As matter of fact, in an increasingly connected and digital world, power supply and data transport infrastructures play a crucial role, and customers are constantly looking for products that are both sustainable and efficient.

Among the companies that have been able to strike the right balance between efficiency and sustainability we can find Prysmian Group, an industry leader that, with a keen eye to the future, is paying great attention to the issue of sustainable development, without, however, forgetting the importance of bringing high-quality, high-performance cables to the market.

What is Prysmian Group about?

Prysmian group is a company born in 2011 from the merger of two historical entities: the Italian Società Cavi Pirelli, which has been operating since 1879, and the Dutch Draka, founded in 1910 with the name of Hollandsche Draad & Kabel Fabriek. In 2018, General Cable has also become part of the group.

The experience of the three original companies, along with an intense and constant research and development activity, has enabled the Prysmian Group to develop new, high-quality cables.
In fact, the company offers its customers tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications, from transport and mobility to the construction sector, and even telecommunications and industry fields.

Sustainable and efficient cables

Prysmian’s products offer companies and professionals cables that not only meet the highest safety standards, but also guarantee optimal performance in terms of speed, reliability, and endurance.

The ongoing focus on the development of innovative solutions provides up-to-date and future-oriented solutions that prevent cables and infrastructure from becoming obsolete too quickly due to rapid technological developments.

In addition to high efficiency and performance, Prysmian cables are also the ideal choice for all those companies that wish to adopt sustainable solutions with a low environmental impact.

In fact, the most recent and cutting-edge productions involve the use of recycled and further recyclable materials, capable of fostering a virtuous process of circular economy. Obviously, the products are manufactured by adopting sustainable production processes.

Eco cable label and green cables

One of the main solutions that the company has put in place to help its customers to identify the most environmentally friendly products is the creation of a green label to certify the sustainability of its cables.

Among the factors taken into consideration by Eco Cable certification figure:

  • the use of recycled materials
  • the level of energetic efficiency
  • carbon footprint
  • the absence of dangerous substances for the environment or for people.

Moreover, Prysmian Group has brought to market a green, totally recyclable, and environmentally friendly cable to reduce waste and CO2 emissions as much as possible: the P-Laser.

The benefits of using efficient and sustainable cables

Companies, professionals, and all operators who, for whatever reason, need to use or install energy and telecommunications cables, can gain considerable advantages, including financial ones, by adopting high-performance and sustainable solutions such as those proposed by Prysmian.

By taking benefit of these products, the company will in fact be able to cut waste disposal costs by recycling and recovering materials, while offering its customers highly reliable and fast infrastructures.