Eila Mary Matt – Former Wife Of Barry Williams

You might not have heard a lot about Eila Mary Matt. But you definitely know her former husband Barry Williams. The two have been married for almost 7 years. Barry has contributed a lot to …

Real Name:Eila Mary Matt
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:American Business Manager, Ex-wife of Barry Williams

You might not have heard a lot about Eila Mary Matt. But you definitely know her former husband Barry Williams. The two have been married for almost 7 years. Barry has contributed a lot to the entertainment industry as one of the main stars of The Brady Bunch.

Born Barry William Blenkhorn, Barry is an American actor and singer who enjoyed quite a successful career.

Barry was married before he met Eila, and dated after her. Today, we will talk more about his second wife Eila Mary Matt.

They have been divorced since 2006, but there are still people who want to know more about the former spouse of Barry.

Who Is Her Former Husband?

As we said before, Eila was married to Barry Williams for almost seven years. The famous American actor was born in September 1954.

He is best known for his role as the eldest of the Brady sons, Greg Brady, a fictional character he portrayed during the run of the ABC television series The Brady Bunch from 1969 to 1974. He also reprised the role in sequels and spin-offs.

In real life, he is the youngest of three boys. Born in Santa Monica, California, his parents were Doris May Moore and Frank Millar Blenkhorn. His parents are of Canadian, English, Scottish, and German ancestry.

Barry and his siblings Craig Blenkhorn and Scott Blenkhorn grew up in Pacific Palisades, California. There, they were neighbors with actor Peter Graves.

As a young child, Barry decided he wanted to be an actor. In 1967, he made his television debut in a Christmas episode of Dragnet 1967.

He continued to appear in guest roles until he got his big break. In 1969, he was cast as Greg Brady in the famous television series.

Following the cancelation of The Brady Bunch in 1974, he continued to appear in guest roles on television. Barry even got involved in musical theater and toured with productions like Grease, West Side Story, and Pippin.

Over the years, he has appeared in various Brady Bunch TV movie reunions, including the famous 1988 Christmas Movie, a Very Brady Christmas.

In 1992, he released his autobiography, Growing Up Brady I was a Teenage Greg. The book became a New York Times bestseller and was adapted into a 2000 TV movie titled Growing Up Brady. Adam Brody starred as Williams.

In 2000, he made a parody of The Real Slim Shady, a song by Eminem, calling it The Real Gang Brady. When Florence Henderson passed away in November 2016, Williams became the oldest surviving cast member of the Brady Bunch.

Quick Bio

Now let’s talk about Williams’ second wife, Eila Mary Matt. Barry is a successful man. But one thing a lot of people do not understand is that he is a hopeless romantic. How else would you call a man who has been married and divorced a couple of times?

Eila rose to fame because of their marriage, but she is a thriving and independent in her rights. She is a business manager at UBS since August 2018.

Eila has also been involved with the Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company since 2017.

According to her LinkedIn page, she previously worked with Seawinds Asset Management LLC as managing director and founding member.

While her former husband Barry Williams is successful in his field of entertainment, Eila has found success in business and management.

For example, she also served Credit Suisse as Director for eight months, EWM & Dilworth Securities LLC as managing director, and with Henderson Global Investors as managing director and hedge fund specialist.

But you can expect such things from a talented and well-educated woman. Eila graduated from the University of Delaware with a BA in science, business administration, and finance. She also got a minor in Economics.

She has managed to pursue a career in business and achieved success in her field of expertise.

Personal Life

Some time ago, her personal life might have been open to the public. But nowadays, Eila knows how to value her privacy. She is quite secretive when it comes to her personal and private life.

We cannot find a social media platform where she has an account. Yes, she does update her LinkedIn page, but that is a professional account.

Even during her marriage with American actor Barry Williams, Eila Mary Matt managed to maintain a grounded life. They made rare appearances during their marriage.

Marriage To Barry Williams

How much do you know about Matt’s marriage to Barry? When you are a famous face or married to a celebrity, you are bound to be public. Everything is open to the public.

Somehow, however, Barry and Eila managed to keep their matters to themselves.

They enjoyed a happy romantic relationship away from the public’s scrutiny. They got married in January 1999 in New York.

After sharing vows, they continued living their happy life together. They have a baby boy together, Brandon Eric Williams. Their son was born in January 2003, a few days before their marriage anniversary.

Sadly, they parted ways a few years after welcoming their baby.

Why Did They Get A Divorce?

You cannot say for certain why Barry and Eila got a divorce. After all, they managed to keep things private during their marriage.

Neither one of them has spoken about the reasons behind their divorce to the public. We found out about their divorce after Eila filed for one and requested sole custody of their son, Brandon.

She also asked that her former husband would visit only with a nanny. Brandon is now a grown man in his teenage years. Yet, he manages to maintain privacy, the same as his mother.

On the other side, Barry is a newly married man. He is now in his third marriage, this time with Tina Mahina. The two got married in 2017. His first wife was Diane Martin. He was married to her for only two years, from 1990 to 1992.

Net Worth

How much is Eila Mary Matt’s net worth? Well, as with all things regarding the former spouse of Barry Williams, she keeps it secret. She hasn’t disclosed any earnings or finances. We can assume she earns a decent amount of money as a managing director.

On the other hand, her former’s husband’s net worth is public. As of December 2022, Barry has a net worth of $6 million.

For comparison, the richest of the Brady Bunch is Christopher Knight, who has a net worth of $10 million. Given that the television show aired in the 1970s, we can understand they are not millionaires. Nowadays, they would probably earn a million per episode.

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