Electric Underfloor Heating Installation – Everything You Need to Know

Winters is one of the four seasons that makes people seek shelter in their homes or closed buildings where it is warm. Throughout the year, fire was considered the only source of producing heat and …


Winters is one of the four seasons that makes people seek shelter in their homes or closed buildings where it is warm. Throughout the year, fire was considered the only source of producing heat and the struggle to find firewood and coal to feed into the fire for consistent heating. But times have changed, and so have the development of modern methods of producing quality heat without the necessity of fire. One of the most reliant methods of all is electricity which is cost-effective and supplies efficient heat whenever needed.

In the pursuit of finding the right heating system, you may have come across the term electric underfloor heating; which has helped modern homes keep the warmth and cosiness flowing, and in buildings, the circulation of heat is flowing with no interruption. Not only being cost-effective, getting professional electric underfloor heating installation allows you to utilise the best quality heat for an extended period.

Electric underfloor heating is an alternative you can always rely on if you are looking to replace your radiators. Being a thin sheet with electric wirings installed in your existing room floors with minimum disruptions, you wouldn’t have to worry about its existence as they blend well with your flooring and can be used at your convenience.

Electric Underfloor Heating: Why You Should Get One

You might think about how underfloor heating can possibly warm up a property. It is simply because of the uncomplicated way how it is built and attached to the required areas of a property to warm up and make it cosy. Electric underfloor heatings are the relatively latest invention and have helped several homes and offices in insulating quality heat within their premises for those dwelling within it.

So, if you are struggling to get an appropriate heating system, here are all the reasons you need to get a trusted electric underfloor heating installation for your domestic or commercial setting.

  • Energy Efficient Heating– Electric underfloor heating does not take a toll on your energy bills. They do not stress too much energy for heating up a room as it is not heavily reliant on it and can warm up a room pretty quickly and keep the room insulated for a long time.
  • Easy to Install– The time and effort of installing electric underfloor heating are quite easy as it does not disrupt the floor and can be installed in existing rooms. If you are undertaking renovations, these can be installed with no hassle.
  • Effortless Operations– The best part about electric underfloor heating is that it can run effortlessly. Any further maintenance will not be required for a long time. You can use it for the purpose intended and keep your space cosy.
  • Space and Design- Unlike other heating systems, electric underfloor heating does not take up any extra space in your room. The design is very human and can be installed without moving things around.
  • Compatible– Whatever floor coverings you have, electric underfloors definitely can fit within their layers with ease.
  • Not Just Floors– Though highly recommended for floors, you can add this heating system to your walls or ceiling as per your convenience and improve the circulation warmth to your choice.

Benefits Of Getting One

If you have finally decided to settle for assured electric underfloor heating installation, then knowing the bundle of benefits you get from it is given. Here are the top 5 benefits you get from installing electric underfloor heating.

  • Maintenance Cost is Low– Once installed, these electric heaters don’t need frequent maintenance. The material used with the cable wiring can be used for a long time and will require little maintenance. Even if it does, the cost will be much lower than expected.
  • Low Running Costs: Compared to radiators, installing electric radiators all around your home or office is cheaper. It is the easiest means of circulating heat at cost-effective rates.
  • Convenient and Comfortable– These underfloor heatings elevate the precise amount of heat required for your property and keep it steady throughout the time you use it. This way, you can enjoy warmth at your convenience without having to tweak the temperatures every now and then.
  • Better Hygiene– Unlike water-based heating, electric heating does not give any breeding grounds for insects and moulds to grow and promotes better hygiene.

Get Professional Electric Underfloor Heating Installation with RY Group

As much as underfloor heating is necessary to make it compatible and durable and; thus, relying on professional electric underfloor heating installation can be pretty challenging. To find someone close to you, driving around town is not necessary because RY Group holds over a decade’s years of experience that is available with just a phone call.

Their certified technicians can assist in installing the best quality electric underfloor heating without any disruption to any kind of floor coverings. To get yours, get in touch with us today!

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