Elly McConnell – Everything We Know About Mitch McConnell’s Daughter

When your parents are in politics, you are naturally part of the media spotlight. Such is the life of Elly McConnell, who is Mitch McConnell’s daughter. Her father is a Kentucky US Senator and Senate …

Real Name:Eleanor McConnell
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Daughter of Mitch McConnell

When your parents are in politics, you are naturally part of the media spotlight. Such is the life of Elly McConnell, who is Mitch McConnell’s daughter. Her father is a Kentucky US Senator and Senate Majority Leader.

Much of the news about Mitch is about his role in public office. Yet, his personal life comes under scrutiny as well. There are always questions about his family life. Today, we will talk about his daughter Elly McConnell.

Elly is the eldest, but she has two sisters, Claire McConnell, and Porter McConnell. Together, they try to get through the media craziness because of her dad’s career path.

Who Is Her Famous Father?

Born Addison Mitchell McConnell III in February 1942, he is an American politician and retired attorney. He now serves as the senior United States senator from Kentucky, and the Senate Minority leader since 2021. Mitch is currently in his seventh term and has held the seat since 1985. Mitch is a member of the Republican Party.

Born in Sheffield, Alabama, he grew up in Athens, Alabama. There, his grandfather Robert Hayes McConnell Sr., and his great uncle Addison Mitchell McConnell, owned McConnell Funeral Home. Mitch is of Scottish, Irish, and English descent. One of his ancestors fought on the American side in the American Revolutionary War.

In 1950, his family moved to Augusta, Georgia. There, his father was stationed at Fort Gordon serving in the US Army. He again moved in 1956, this time to Louisville, Kentucky. In 1967, he graduated from the University of Kentucky’s College of Law.

He began his attorney career, serving as a Deputy United States Assistant Attorney General under President Gerald Ford from 1974 to 1975. He then went on to serve as Jefferson County Judge/Executive from 1977 until 1984 in his home state of Kentucky.

In 1984, he was elected to the United States Senate for the first time. He has held the position since and became only the second Kentuckian to serve as a party leader in the Senate. During the 1998 and 2000 election cycles, McConnell was the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

In his early years, Mitch was known as a pragmatist and a moderate Republican. Yet, over time, he has shifted to the right and become more conservative. In other words, he transformed from moderate Republicans supporting abortion rights and public employee unions to the embodiment of partisan obstructionism and conservative orthodoxy on Capitol Hill.

He is often described as an obstructionist, probably because of his signature tactics. As a minority leader trying to delay or obstruct legislation, he uses the filibuster technique. It is an attempt to talk a bill to death.

Her Parents’ Marriage

Nowadays, Senator Mitch McConnell has been married to Elaine Chao. But she is not the mother of Elly McConnell.

Mitch and Chao met through a mutual friend in Washington DC in the early 1990s. By that time, he already had three daughters. Their mutual friend, Stuart Bloch invited them to dinner, and Chao and Mitch hit it off right away. They had their private wedding ceremony in the chapel of the US Capitol in February 1993.

Previously, Mitch was married to Sherrill Redmon, from 1968 to 1980. She is the mother of his children. Mitch and Sherill Redmon have three daughters, Claire McConnell, Porter McConnell, and Elly.

But that marriage fell apart, and now Mitch is happily married to Chao. She has been filling the role of a stepmother to the girls. She also campaigns with her husband. Many people recognize her as the Campaign Hugger.

She even starred in one campaign ad defending her husband’s record on women’s issues.

Quick Bio

Now let’s get back to Mitch’s eldest daughter, Elly McConnell. While much of the news surrounding the US Senate Majority Leader is about his role in public office, there is news about his family life as well.

Elly is his firstborn daughter. While Mitch and her biological mother are not together, they still keep in touch. Elly was born in 1972, but her exact birth date has not been revealed.

Fun fact: Elly is not her real name. Instead, it is her nickname, and people refer to her as Elly. Her original birth name is Eleanor.

Born in Kentucky, she was entering her teenage years when her father won the Senate seat elections for the first time in 1984. During his first elections, he competed against Walter Dee Huddleston of the Democratic Party.

Following her parents’ divorce, Elly spent her time with her father. He got custody of all his daughters and raised them under his care.

Eleanor McConnell is in the spotlight solely because of her father. Yet, she enjoys leading a low-key lifestyle.

If you look at her Instagram bio, you can say she is a free spirit. And she advises her followers to do whatever makes their souls happy.

Eleanor has something of her father’s activism in her. She is an environmentalist. Mitch’s eldest daughter is often part of movements that try to protect the environment.

Judging by her social media, we also know she has two children. Her Instagram bio reads, “Married with two beautiful boys, I also take care of my two awesome nephews. My life is crazy and chaotic, but its my life and I will live it to the fullest”.

Is She On Social Media?

Elly is active on social media, where she enjoys interacting with her fans. She has a profile on Instagram, but not many followers.

She is vocal about her desire to live a life without boundaries. But if you were hoping to add her and follow her, it is not that easy. Her profile is private, meaning she accepts friend requests only from people she actually knows.

Her father also has a public profile on Instagram, called McConnellpress. But he is not that active there. US politicians nowadays are more on Twitter.

That is where the US Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell publishes his opinions as well. He has more than 2 million followers on the social media platform.

Net Worth

Mitch has been the most conservative leader of either party in the history of the Senate. He has had a front-row seat at some of the biggest events in the history of the nation for the past 35 years. Mitch is also among the wealthiest senators.

His net worth is more than $35 million. According to US laws, lawmakers must file their personal financial disclosure forms and list their assets within a wide range, making it difficult to pinpoint an exact figure. His most recent disclosure agreement says he and his wife Elaine Chao have a combined net worth ranging from $13 million to $55 million.

They have a variety of assets including bank accounts, mutual funds, retirement accounts, stocks, and more. Mitch’s net worth jumped significantly after the death of his wife’s mother in 2007.

As for Elly’s net worth, it is closely linked to her father’s net worth. We do not know much about her professional career and earnings. But in a wealthy family like hers, things are easier.

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