Eric Wolfhard – Celebrity Father And Pop Culture Figure

Eric Wolfhard is a different breed of celebrity parent. He is the father of Finn Wolfhard, the star of the Netflix television series Stranger Things. But unlike other celebrity parents, Eric has a decent career …

Real Name:Eric Wolfhard
Birthday:September 14, 1965
Net Worth:N/A
Height:178 cm
Occupation:Canadian Expert Researcher, Script Doctor, Father of Finn Wolfhard

Eric Wolfhard is a different breed of celebrity parent. He is the father of Finn Wolfhard, the star of the Netflix television series Stranger Things. But unlike other celebrity parents, Eric has a decent career of his own.

In fact, he is a well-known personality and pop culture figure. Eric graduated from the University of British Colombia and then attended Harvard Law School. He co-founded VLW Research, a company focusing on native land issues.

How much do you know about him? Well, let’s take a look.

Who Is His Celebrity Son?

Before we talk about Eric, we have to talk about his celebrity son, Canadian actor Finn Wolfhard. Born in December 2002, Finn gained worldwide fame and recognition for playing Mike Wheeler in the Netflix series Stranger Things from 2016 until now.

But he is not just an actor. He is also a musician. Finn was the lead vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Calpurnia and is now a member of The Aubreys.

Born in December 2002 in Vancouver, British Columbia, he has French, German, and Jewish descent. As a young kid, Finn attended Catholic School. His father is a researcher on aboriginal land claims.

Finn also has an older brother, another actor, Nick Wolfhard. He got his first acting job from Craigslist when in 2014, he made his acting and television debut as Zoran in the second season of the television series, The 100.

Two years later, he got his big break, portraying Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things. Fun fact: he auditioned for the role via video after seeing an open casting call.

Some of his film roles include Richie Tozier in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel It in 2017, and the sequel, It: Chapter Two in 2019.

At the age of 17, in 2020, he made his directorial debut. Wolfhard directed the comedy short film, Night Shifts and released it on YouTube the following year.

Speaking of his music career, he began as a lead vocalist and songwriter for the Vancouver rock band, Calpurnia. The band dissolved in November 2019, and a few weeks later, he announced his new band, The Aubreys. He formed the band with his Calpurnia drummer, Malcolm Craig. They debuted on the soundtrack of the movie The Turning in 2020.

Over the years, Finn has been involved in advocacy for autism and indigenous children. In May 2017, he hosted a benefit concert to raise funds for Sweet Relief, an organization helping struggling musicians in need of medical care.

Quick Bio

Now let’s go back to Finn’s father, Eric Wolfhard. He is the father of the Stranger Things actor and a well-known celebrity of his own. Eric has been working with native land issues for many years.

He is a historical researcher and doctor by trade. As a co-founder of the VLW Research company, he specializes in native land issues.

He has two sons, Finn Wolfhard, and Nick Wolfhard. Both of his sons are actors, with Finn being currently more famous for his role in Stranger Things and a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award.

He and his lovely wife Mary Jolivet have been together for many years. She was his longstanding girlfriend before they got married. She worked at Dormouse Design, a children’s clothing company.

Born in Canada in 1965, he is now in his 50s. His parents were Nora Wolfhard and Michael Richard Wolfhard.

He was an outstanding student who received several scholarships. Eric holds a degree from a prominent university. More on his professional career later on.

Professional Career

Now, let’s talk about the education and professional career of Eric Wolfhard. As we said before, he might be a celebrity father, but he is famous in his own right.

The famous father began his education at the University of British Columbia. There, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and government. From there, he moved to the University of Toronto Faculty and got a Bachelor of Law. Eric finished his education at Harvard Law School.

He began his career in 1993, working on the Indigenous boundary and Aboriginal land issues. He worked there for 22 years, from 1993 to 2015.

On his LinkedIn profile, you can read about his experience there, stating, “Extractive, treaty and litigation-driven research on indigenous land and boundary issues in Canada and Africa, including territorial definition, aboriginal title and rights, pre- and post-Confederation reserve creation, compensation for illegal land and resource use, fishing stations, unlawful surrenders and pre-emptions, irrigation, road, railway, hydro, logging, and oil, gas and LNG pipeline rights of way”.

In 2013, he co-founded VLW Research, alongside Neil Vallance, and Loraine Littlefield. They are all senior historical researchers in the field of Aboriginal and Treaty rights claims by First Nations.

Is His Son Gay?

In October 2022, an image of his son Finn kissing his co-star, Jack Dylan Grazer, went viral. That started rumors about Finn’s sexuality, with many believing he is homosexual.

But that is not true. Now, the Canadian actor and musician has been vocal about his support for the LGBTQ+ community. In 2020, Finn came out as queer in an interview with The Times.

His decision has been widely praised by his friends and family. He is a powerful voice for queer rights, despite his young age. Finn is trying to create a more inclusive world for all young people.

But he is not a homosexual. In fact, he has been dating Elsie Richter since 2021. They confirmed their relationship with a picture on social media.

The two shared their first picture together in June 2021. Although the pick has been deleted now, the two are private about their romantic relationship. They are still together, but they do not want to be social media darlings. And it is within their rights.

Eric and Elsie Richter were spotted first time together in March 2021, and they immediately sparked the rumors.

Is He On Social Media?

We said before that Eric Wolfhard is a different breed of celebrity parent. He is active on social media. In fact, we talked before about his LinkedIn profile. But he also has a profile on Twitter, with several followers. His LinkedIn bio reads, “Indigenous Boundary and Other Aboriginal Land Issues, Expert Researcher, Script Doctor”.

Now that is nothing compared with his celebrity son, Canadian actor Finn Wolfhard. He has more than 26 million followers on Instagram.

Net Worth

How much do you get paid as an Indigenous boundary and Aboriginal land issues expert? Well, that is the question about Eric’s salary and net worth.

He might be active and famous, but he has not disclosed his earnings and wealth. We do not know his net worth.

On the other hand, his son is a quite famous and public figure. The young actor has a net worth higher than $4 million.

And with roles like Stranger Things and other popular movies to come, his wealth can only get bigger. The Canadian actor is still in his teenage years as of May 2023. We can expect more great things from this young star.

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